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Adoring my Brother

Looking at Jesus during Adoration, I thought, “I am God’s daughter. I am a daughter of God!” That means I am really a sister of Jesus, He is really and truly my brother!

My eyes rise higher, to the Crucifix. There is my brother. Oh, what He has done for me!

On Earth, I was raised with no siblings. I had experiences with best friends that seemed like we were family. But, in the end, we all went home to our respective families. Yet Jesus was always there, I just never considered Him as a brother. He is God, I am just a human being.

Now, I sit before the King of kings, the Second Person of the Trinity, the Son of God, and my heart overflows with love. I am part of His family and He wants so very much for us to welcome Him into our family, to let Him into our hearts, to talk with Him, visit with Him, laugh and cry with Him, just as we would our earthly family members.

I just want to give you a hug back, Jesus! You are there, on the cross, arms open, waiting for a response…a thought, a smile, a sigh of love, a tear. And, here they come, the tears. I was once told that, when tears come while you are praying, it is God coming close to you and melting your heart a little. I really believe that.

It’s so strange that all we need to do is let down our human barriers for a moment, and God rushes to us. Our reservations, misconceptions, attitudes are all walls we have built between God and ourselves.

I challenge you, right now, to be humble for a few minutes. Close yourself off from distractions and seek God with your heart. In your mind, think of Jesus’ sacred heart. He is reaching to give it to you. Will you accept it? Or leave Him there, holding it out to you? Will you offer your heart to Him in return?