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Another “New” song?

As mentioned earlier, there are many new songs in our Gather Book. However, can a song be both new and not new at the same time? The answer is YES!!

Here is an example of how a song may be both. A song with a familiar tune and words may be reused. The melody can be used with a different text. The tune makes it familiar while the changed text makes it new.

We have the hymn “Sing of Mary” which is used on particular days in honor of the Blessed Mother. This “new” hymn is still a Marian hymn with another text in honor of the Blessed Mother.


Here’s a link to the music:

  1. Mary, first among believers,
    Trusting in the angel’s word,
    You consented and, conceiving,
    Brought to birth the Son of God.
    Mother now of all believers,
    Give our fragile faith increase;
    May we, trusting in God’s promise,
    Doubts and useless fears release.

*2. Mary, first among the exiles,
Seeking refuge in the night,
You left home with spouse and Infant,
Fleeing Herod’s sword in fright.
Mother now of all the exiles,
Give them sleep without alarm;
Give them clothing, food, and shelter;
Keep them safe and free from harm.

  1. Mary, first among disciples,
    List’ning, learning from your Son,
    You held dear his words and actions,
    Pond’ring each, forgetting none.
    Mother now of all disciples,
    Help us listen day by day;
    Open to the Spirit’s prompting,
    Help us follow Jesus’ way.

*4. Mary, first among the suff’ring,
Standing bowed beneath the cross,
You knew all the pain and anguish
Of oppression, grief, and loss.
Mother, now of all the suff’ring,
May we show Compassion’s face;
May the victims of injustice
Know, through us, God’s love and grace.

  1. Mary, first among the blessed,
    Robed in heaven’s beauty bright,
    You rejoice with saints and angels
    In your Son’s resplendent light.
    Mother now of all the blessed,
    Make your pilgrim people strong;
    Keep us faithful till we join you,
    Praising God in endless song.
  • These stanzas may be omitted.

Text: Delores Dufner, OSB, b.1938, © 2010, GIA Publications, Inc.