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April 27, 2021 Worship Commission

Minutes, Worship Commission
Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Ozark, MO
Diocese of Jefferson City Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Call to Order:

Annette Miller called the 6:35 PM meeting to order with Msgr. Marion Makarewicz, Deacon Paul Poulter, Kathy Cotter, Steve Jannetti, Mary Scarlett, Tony Kirn, Zuzana Stipanitz, Paulette Spriggs and Mary Wagemann.

Opening Prayer:

Steve Jannetti opened the meeting with Reflection.

Msgr. read the Commitment to Mission prayer.

All Leaders and volunteers need basic level awareness training.  Virtus is an online training.  Letters will be sent to all leaders and volunteers with instructions on how to train online.  Goal is to achieve a safe environment. Renew training once every three years.


​No refreshments during virtual meeting.

Minutes of the Last Meeting:

​The March 23, 2021 Minutes were approved.

Worship Committee Leadership: (Annette Miller)

​Annette Miller led the meeting.

Ministry of Art and Environment: (Kathy Cotter)

​Joiners for candles have been in use for the last three weeks.  

​Palm Sunday ordered same amount as last year and significant amount left over.  Will put in bulletin that palms are still available to take home.

​Did not need to reorder holy water containers and candles which were not used last year.

​Red drapes were put up for Confirmation.

​Paschal candle stand is wobbly and may need to be replaced.  For now we will secure by tightening the screws.

​This Sunday will have flowers or decorations for St. Joseph.

​Sunday May 2nd is Baccerllerate and May crowing at the 10:00am Mass.  We will sing “Be Joyful Mary” song in Gather book.

​Pentecost is May 23rd and Communion Sunday will have eight children receiving first Communion. Banners, created by the children, will be displayed on the brick walls on both sides of the sanctuary.

​Holy water bottles will be available in sanctuary thru Easter time.

Ministry of Hospitality: (vacant)

​Challenge when we have a large group of people attending Mass.

​8:00 Mass still needs Ushers.

Ministry of Reader: (Carolyn Lorraine)

​ Unable to attend meeting.

​Joan Wolf is a Lector that needs to be commissioned.

Ministry of Music and Song: (Steve Jannetti)

​Diocese is working on getting material for the antiphon.  Antiphon is basically a refrain. Steve will order books.

Antiphon is a Greek word for respond.  The official chant for the opening of Mass.  There are opening, communion and offering antiphons.

​Podcast of new songs in Gather book was on March 19th

​Newer song have been included in daily Mass.

​Names of new songs are on the website.

​Are worship aides needed or is information in the Gather book enough?

​Cantors are coming back to sing at Mass.  Reached out to Cantors to see who is available and willing to come back to Mass.

Ministry of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: (Mary Scarlett)

​Spoke with David Gregg, he is not ready to be commissioned at this time.

​Have been in contact with Sara Bartlett at CALO regarding training to be a Eucharistic Minister but so far have been unable to arrange a training time.  

Sacristan and Ministry of Mass Coordinator: (Tony Kirn, Annette Miller)

​Mass coordinators need to be more conscientious about counting the hosts so that there aren’t a lot of extras.

​Purificators are working well with the bags to transport.  

​Purificators are getting frayed because of being soaked in alcohol.

​We will begin again to print a list of who is scheduled to serve for the Mass Coordinators.

Rite of Initiation and the Sacraments: (Deacon Paul)

​April 17th a RCIA student celebrated all the Sacraments.

​Looking for year three books for RCIA classes.

​Linda Bukalski is heading “Crossing Over the Bridge” to divorced Catholics.  It is a thirteen week program.  Lusica Hankins will advertise program.  It will be available for surrounding towns.  Facilitators and helpers are needed. Parish would cover the costs of books and materials for the program.

​Marilee Poulter and Msgr. Mak will mention “Crossing Over the Bridge” program on the website. Program will also be addressed on OLOL Face book page.

​Linda Bukalski is working on finding a witness to speak at Mass about being a divorced Catholic.

​Spanish speaking RCIA parishioner will celebrate Sacraments at the Spanish Mass.

​Vicki Irsik is organizing Spanish students to be confirmed this year that weren’t able to be confirmed last year due to the pandemic.

Prayer and Devotions: (Debbie Noland)

​Unable to attend meeting.

​Will do a shortened Novena/Consecration.

​Zoom praise, prayer and intercession meeting on the year of St. Joseph.

​This is the four year anniversary of praise, prayer and intercession group.

​A decision needs to be made on size of St. Joseph pictures and statues.

​May 1st ask Our Lady for help with pandemic.  Daily prayers of intercession. Msgr. Mak will mention this in the bulletin.

Altar Servers: (Zuzana Stipanitz, Paulette Spriggs)

​Easter Servers covered all the Masses.

Servers are ready for their pizza party.

​Altar Servers are now holding the book.

​Father Duncan was impressed with the Altar Servers.

​All Masses are covered for Altar Servers.

​Older Altar Servers are interested in permanent streaming.

​Good response of Altar Servers and Readers for funeral Masses and Confirmation Mass.

Liturgical Formation of the Assembly(Msgr. Makarewicz)

​Continual challenge to get people to sing at Mass.

​June 5th and 6th Feast of Corpus Christi we will have a procession at the end of Mass around the Church.

Next meeting:

Next meeting is May 25, 2021.

Paulette Spriggs will be the prayer Leader.

Annette Miller provide hospitality items.

Closing Prayer

Msgr. Mak prayed a closing prayer.

​Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm

Meeting notes respectfully submitted by Mary Scarlett.