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August 2021 Newsletter Our Lady of the Lake K of C Ladies Auxiliary #9273

August  2021 K of C Ladies Newsletter 

• The next meeting is August 17, 2021; Rosary at 6:30 p.m. then meeting following at 7:00 in Bestgen Hall.

• Sending the July meeting minutes along with this newsletter. These same minutes will be shared, edited and approved at the August meeting. It was decided last month to send minutes via email AND continue sharing them at the meetings. 

• THANK YOU to all who have assisted with breakfasts; they have all been very successful.  The  last three breakfasts are August 29, September 5, and October 17. 

• There is still discussion on the return of Donut Sunday. We must find a chairperson first to spearhead this endeavor, then all else will fall into place. If you are interested in leading this, please let me know. 

• Our first Knights Weekend will be August 28 and 29.  Knight and Lady Knights will be volunteers for all positions at masses. I am working on replacing some appointed spots; if you are a 10:00 mass person and are not already scheduled just email me here.   We are asked to wear our name tags that weekend AND encourage you to please arrive a half hour early to participate in the Rosary.  We would like our regular parishioners and guests to see us celebrating our faith and our organization; we hope to have inquiries about membership. 

• Name tags: I have ordered them for the requests I have received so far; Monday is the deadline to have a new one ordered right now. They will be ready for the Knights Weekend. 

• We will be mailing 5 raffle tickets to all local members unless you already have or plan to grab them at the meeting Tuesday.

• MEETING TUESDAY: it was decided to provide a light snack for social time after our meetings. Arlene volunteered to bring a veggie tray. Could we please have one more person volunteer to bring a snack?  

• Other agenda items include: 
*Raffle Tickets
*Recognizing members
*PSR Partners
*Lady Knight Shirts
*Upcoming Events

God is good all the time. All the time God is good.  Thank you for your membership and support as your president. We have an amazing organization!  

See you Tuesday at our meeting!

Stay safe and enjoy your daily blessings!

Karen Blevins, President