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Be Still and Reconnect

Be still and know (reconnect with) God… were my hopes when I signed up for the Welcome retreat. Working full time as a school counselor and learning how to be a new mom to an infant left me little time to be “still”. As anticipated, the Welcome weekend provided an excellent opportunity for me to be still, listen to God’s voice, and challenge me to look at my relationship with God. I was thankful for the time to put God first and I went home renewed. 

After the retreat, I was invited to be part of the Retreat team. I was very hesitant as I did not want to take that time away from my infant daughter, but that “small voice” nudged me. I am so glad that I decided to join the formation team. At the initial Welcome retreat, I met many kind women but by getting to know them and hearing their faith stories, they have become soul sisters of faith. Every meeting with them is like a mini-retreat and is the highlight of my week. Being part of this team has helped me feel more connected to Our Lady of Lake and has inspired me to develop a deeper and more personal relationship with God through prayer and the sacraments.  

If you are looking for a way to grow in your faith, connect with amazing women, or just looking for an opportunity to be “still” (and who doesn’t during these crazy times), I would highly recommend the Welcome weekend. 

Beverly Livingston

October 23 -24, 2021

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To sign up, contact Kelly at the Parish Office 573-365-2241 x 5 or Louise Williams at 573-280-9385.