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A Crisis Pregnancy and A Choice for Life

November 21, 2021

A young teenage girl pregnant out of wedlock in a culture where the penalty for that was death. An engaged man discovered his betrothed was pregnant but the child was not his. What should he do? Her fate (and that of her child) was in his hands. His solution was to quietly send her away.…

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Preparing for Christ…

November 20, 2021
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What’s on your mind?

November 2, 2021

What is an Advent Wreath? How is it connected to Christmas? Historically, the origins of the wreath date back to ancient Romans. They decorated their homes with greenery for the feast of the sun god on December 25. It was a celebration of the return of the sun to the northern hemisphere. The Roman emperor…

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Advent by Candlelight

October 15, 2021

Advent by Candlelight is a night out for women. Take an evening to set aside the season’s busyness and focus on the real meaning of Christmas. Please join us on Tuesday, December 7th. Call the office at 573-365-2241 for more information and to reserve your spot now. If you are unable to drive at night,…

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Advent Novena for Our Benefactors

December 10, 2020

Prepare the Way of the Lord For many years it has been the custom at Our Lady of the Lake to pray a novena for the benefactors of our parish. We are blessed with so many visitors throughout the year who support us with their contributions and enrich us with their faith. At each of…

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Advent – The First Coming of Jesus

December 3, 2020

Are there times in our lives when we say things so often that we forget what their true meaning is?  How about the word Advent since today we are celebrating the beginning of Advent? What exactly does the word Advent mean? Looking it up in the Webster College dictionary, Advent means the arrival of a…

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Family Blessing of The Advent Wreath

December 2, 2020

Complete Instructions for Blessing Your Advent Wreath, and Weekly Directions with Prayers and Scripture. Perfect to Combine With an Advent Calendar for Family Traditions! NOTE THE PICTURES BELOW AND COME UP WITH YOUR OWN BEAUTIFUL AND INDIVIDUAL ADVENT WREATH! Picture of a Tea Cup Wreath Picture of a Formal Candle Wreath Coloring Page of an…

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Stations of the Nativity

November 29, 2020
Nativity Scene

Streamed live from Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Ozark. The service will be of lessons and carols commemorating the various events concerning the birth of Our Lord.

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The Sacrament of Reconciliation in Advent

November 25, 2020
Tympanum from the Abbey Church of Sainte-Foy, Conques, France

Last week I did a little woodworking project and it was quite frustrating. I spent about an hour looking for my box of woodworking clamps and just couldn’t find them. Then as I was re-dimensioning some plywood, the battery ran out on my circular saw. Then the other battery ran out that was on the…

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Advent Study Group #4

November 23, 2020

Fourth Sunday of Advent — December 20, 2020 As a community, we are doing a study of the Sunday Mass Readings to prepare our hearts for the coming of our Lord at Christmas. This is something you can do as an individual, a family, or a small group. There is an a short video to…

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