Social Concerns

Social Concerns


Chair: Deacon Jim Hankins

Vice Chair: Stephanie Koch

Secretary:  Theresa Brown


The purpose of the Social Concerns Commission is to identify the significant social issues that either enhance or compromise the well-being and sanctity of individuals and the community and direct the parish’s response to those issues in the light of the Gospel and the Tradition of the Catholic Church. The Commission provides leadership to all parishioners in helping them live out their baptismal calling to preach the Good News by word and works on a local, regional and global level.

Key Ministries: Each ministry shall have a brief description of the key responsibilities of that ministry. The ministry coordinator will be charged with keeping a binder with policies and best practices to guide the work of the commission and the ministers themselves regarding their particular area of concern. The ministry coordinator will ensure that there are resources to assist ministers in their service. Recruitment and retention of ministers and assistants in the ministry will be a central duty.

  • Ministry to Families
  • Ministry to the Poor
  • Ministry for Protecting Life
  • Ministry to the Community
  • Ministry of Hospitality and Fellowship
  • Ministry to the Oppressed
  • Ministry of Health and Well-Being: