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Cursillo Leaps into 2020

De Colores! I had the opportunity to attend a Cursillo Event in Columbia.  The program helped us get the cob webs from the cold winter out of our heads and hearts and prepare us for a new spring.  The speakers encouraged us to be the Christians we are meant to be and to draw closer to God using the Cursillo Method.  It was an uplifting day to listen to the speakers.  There was a married couple who were called to evangelize in the state prisons through retreats.  The wonderful stories they told about the help they have given some of the prisoners were amazing.  Father Matthew Flatley’s talk was so inspiring that you wanted to be that great Christian he spoke of.  Other speakers talked about how the Cursillo Movement and their faith have helped them during the ups and downs of their lives.  We were also shown how to keep the excitement going in our weekly small group meetings.  To finish our day, we had Mass, where Glenda and I were blessed with presenting the gifts to Father Flatley.  It was a great ending to a perfect day.

Make a friend, be a friend, bring a friend to Christ.

Linda B