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Day 6 – Queenship of Mary Novena, Aug. 18

Prayer Intention for August 18

Today’s prayer intention is for the poor, the hungry, the homeless, and the oppressed. Mary gave birth to Jesus far from home in the poorest of surroundings. Jesus embraced poverty during his earthly life as he preached the kingdom of God to those who were lost and rejected by all. Mary is our prompt help, knowing our needs as only a mother can. Through her intercession, may we be moved to greater acts of generous charity for those who need our assistance. May all who are in need turn to Mary for she is full of mercy and grace.

Daily Novena Prayer

Blessed Mother Mary, your Son Jesus Christ entrusted us to your protection as your own sons and daughters. In every age, the Church has known your maternal grace and intercession. In this special time of grace as we prepare to celebrate that you are our Queen, may we enjoy your protection, assistance, and love. By your sacred fiat, the Word was made flesh.

Teach us how to say yes to God when he calls us forth to work in his vineyard. Grant us reverence and humility when we receive the Lord Jesus Christ in his Holy Eucharist. We call upon you, Immaculate Virgin Mary, to inspire us by your own sorrow and suffering to true contrition for our sins. As you along with Saint Joseph made a home for the Son of God, help our families to grow in holiness in their own homes.

O Star of the Sea, please be a beacon of light for our parish so that we may fulfill our mission to bring God’s Light to the World and guide all souls to heaven. Amen.