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Dear Dad – July 31 2020

Dear Dad,

As you know with everything that has happened with the virus, many of the things at church have to be done differently because of the virus. I want to catch you up to how I have had to change a number of things I have been doing since the virus.

We had to remove all the hymnals from church for the safety of our parishioners. Now, we livestreaming the Mass so I prepare a worship aid online for parishioners to use while on their phone, laptop or computer. What has changed is that fact that we have to report the music we use. We own the hymnals but all the music is copyrighted. So, for the songs, hymns and Mass parts, I have to submit a report of all the music for Mass as well as how many times we have used it. Additionally, I do the same for the Spanish Mass.

It is a lot of work to do but it has to be done. President Ford put the copyright law into effect in 1975. The copyright protects many things: books, music, logos etc. So, I can’t make copies just because I would like to do so, I need to report this so that the composer receives their just wage for their work. If I wrote a book and everyone copied it, I would not receive my just wage and publishers would not receive their fees for publishing it. This law protects everyone.

Sadly, the choir can’t sing at church at this time because of the virus. if people are in groups and are singing next to each other, the virus can be spread by the aerosol as we sing. Hopefully, when things get better, we will be able all to sing together again.

Other, than that, there is not much more news here. Hope to talk with you soon. Love to you and mom!


Your son