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Education Commission Meeting, April 6, 2021

Meeting Notes, Education Commission.
Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Ozark, Missouri
Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Roll Call and Introductions:  Present were Linda Adams, Linda Bukalski, Kelly Hamrin, Deacon Paul and Marilee Poulter, Karri Brauman, Monsignor Mak, Barb Steinman, Karen Blevins, Vicki Irsik, Joan Wolf, Mel Graessle, and Elaine Traci

  • Opening Prayer and Vision/Inspiration: [Prayer Leader:  Kelly]
  •  Education Commission Charter:  Committed core team:.
    1. Linda Adams (Chair); 2. Melodi Graessle; 3. Barb Steinman (Vice Chair); 4. Linda Bukalski; 5. Karen Blevins; 6. Marilee Poulter (Secretary)
  •  Introductions:  Introductions of all were made since this was our first in-person meeting in many months

  • Budget Review:  Vicki 
    A draft of the 2021-2022 budget was presented. Discussion was held and adjustments will be made.  Some of the adjustments include raising Textbooks amount to $3000, adding in $100/yr for Welcome (Dynamic Catholic) membership (Linda A. will notify Administration Commission about this annual subscription amount for their records). 
    – NCYC donations are totaling around $12000 so far.
    – Barb will find out the cost for subscribing to “Doing Business by the Good Book” organization
  • – Vicki will send out a final draft for consideration before a vote is taken at next meeting.
  • Parish Religious Education Director Report:  Vicki  
    -A rough draft of the 2021-2022 PSR calendar, which runs from Sept. 8 through April 27, was proposed. 
    • Vicki will schedule meeting with several PSR teachers to discuss 7th and 8th grade classes. Vick will schedule another meeting with several PSR teachers and some High School parents to formulate objects for High School program in early May. 
    • The topic of Baccalaureate Mass for the High School Seniors was raised. Vicki will check with the office about scheduling in early May. 
    • Confirmation with the Bishop is scheduled for April 22. Servers are needed to assist. 
    • First Communion is scheduled for May 23. 
  • Hispanic Community/ESL: Vicki is working with a Hispanic couple to schedule Spanish classes. Most likely classes will be Mondays, late afternoon, for an hourly rate. Maximum of 10 students. 4 people have signed up already.
  •  Adult Faith Formation:  Barb discussed the Parousia program that was held during Lent. Suggested having second grade parents participate.  Msgr. requested that Barb work on programs for reaching young adult population and was given a new parishioner to contact for possible collaboration. A suggestion of the “Women in the Bible” program was made as a possible young adult offering. 
  • Family Life:   Karri will be participating in Diocesan training for new marriage prep program. She will be reaching out to several other couples to join her. Baptism goodie bags can now be distributed. Each bag will have a list of parish involvement opportunities and names of people to contact through the office.
  • and Library:  Kelly reported that we have two computers that were donated for the library. Work will begin soon on setting them up.
  • Renewal Movement: Mel reported that the Welcome Formation Team is up and running. The women’s weekend is Oct. 23-24.  She thanked Kelly for keeping Cursillo announcements going in the bulletin. “Advent by Candlelight” planning is underway.
  • New Evangelization:  Linda B.• Dynamic Catholic is distributing flyers instead of books. Kelly will make copies and place on the tables at Church for people to pick up. The current one is on the Prayer Process.
    • Linda B., Deacon Paul and Marilee, and Deacon Jim and Lusica will be attending Diocesan Divorce Program training on April 17 in order to bring the program back to the parish.
    • Linda B. will schedule a meeting of several people interested in facilitating the Hearts Afire programs.  Elaine mentioned that she should be able to do something in the fall.

  •  OCI and Catechesis:  Deacon Paul reported that we have one RCIA candidate who will be entering into full communion on April 17.  Another candidate has one piece left and then they will be ready. This year’s RCIA class will be extended into next year. 
  • Commission Membership/Positions:  Linda A. reminded all that the Chairperson position will need to be filled in Sept./Oct. of this year.

  • Next Meeting Date: Thursday, May 6, 2021 at 6:00 PM (at Bestgen and Zoom, if needed)-
  •  Designated prayer leader is Barb for next meeting. Designate hospitality provider is Linda B..
  •  Prayer for Pastoral Plan/Closing Prayer [Kelly]

Linda Adams, Chair