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Education Commission Meeting, August 5, 2021

Minutes, Education Commission
Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church
Lake Ozark, Missouri
Thursday, August 5, 2021

Note: No meeting held in July.

Roll Call and Introductions:  Present were Linda Adams, Karen Blevins, Linda Bukalski, Mel Graessle, Kelly Hamrin, Father Medina, Deacon Paul and Marilee Poulter, Barb Steinman

Commitment to Mission and Opening Prayer: Kelly Hamrin

Education Commission Charter:  Committed core team:

Linda Adams (Chair); 2. Melodi Graessle; 3. Barb Steinman (Vice Chair); 4. Linda Bukalski; 5. Karen Blevins; 6. Marilee Poulter (Secretary)

Commission Positions, Misc: Linda A.

Linda, Mel and Barb’s terms will end in September. They can renew for another term but the Chair will need a new volunteer beginning in October. 

Wed., Aug 11 will be registration for Osage school.  Churches in the area can have tables about their youth ministry; this could be PSR / junior high out reach. Discussion held about Our Lady of the Lake having a table. Kelly and Linda A. will talk to Vicki and put something together about our programs for that.

Parish scholarship applications, which now fall under Education Commission, need to be sent out in Oct. — $5000 scholarship divided between those awarded with maximum individual benefit of $1500. Applicants must be from a family who are active members of the Parish and must have graduated high school, be in college and be active in their faith at parish at school. Scholarship is awarded in the spring and we currently have two applications carried forward from last year because students hadn’t graduated yet. Previously Monsignor and Vicki picked them. Office has the applications forms.

Parish Religious Education Director Report:  Vicki unable to attend. 

Linda A. reported that PSR teachers’ retreat/meeting was good. Mary Wagemann trained the teachers on accessing their webpages. Class times division schedule is set up and is on PSR webpage. Information on registration will be sent out via email, snail mail and in the bulletin.

Hispanic Community/ESL: Vicki unable to attend

Linda A. reported a meeting will be held with Enrique from the diocese.

Adult Faith Formation:  Barb 

Doing Business by the Good Book is in progress with 6 people and will finish the middle of September. 

White House Retreat coming up with 8 ladies registered.  

33 Days to Morning Glory retreat has 4 people and will be ready for consecration during the Queenship of Mary weekend. 

Plans are to meet on the next book, Consoling the Heart of Jesus, in the fall and then do something else in January.

Family Life:   Karri unable to attend

Kelly reported no weddings or baptisms on the calendar. and Library:  Kelly

Kelly met with Formed rep and hoping to relaunch Formed with info on accessing and use. 

Library database coming back soon.

Renewal Movement: Mel 

The Welcome Weekend team Oct 23 – 24 is on track.  

Planning for Advent by Candlelight on December 7.

Hoping in the spring to have the Angels talk which was cancelled in 2020 due to Covid.

New Evangelization: Linda B. 

Dynamic Catholic books are out again. She passed some out for members to review. In previous years books were given out to families at Christmas. Decision on continuing is with Father Medina. 

Nursing homes are closed again except to family members. Linda is taking Communion to home bound only. Sara Barlett who works at Calo is taking it there. Deacon Paul reported resuming visit to Passover nursing home is on hold due to Covid surge. Hospitals are still closed. 

OCI and Catechesis:  Deacon Paul

Deacon reported 2 people have interest in joining the church so far.  Advanced class planned again. Meetings should start mid to late September. Deacon will send announcement info for bulletin to Kelly.

Next Meeting Date: Thursday, September 2, 2021 at 6:00 PM 

Prayer leader – Linda A., hospitality provider – Mel

Prayer for Pastoral Plan/Closing Prayer: Kelly

Submitted by Marilee Poulter, Secretary