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Education Commission Meeting August 6, 2020

Attending:  Deacon Paul Poulter, Karri Brauman, Linda Adams, Linda Bukalski, Monsignor Mak, Vicki Irsik, Kelly Hamrin, Joan Wolf, Kim Dulle, Barb Steinman

Prayer/Reflection led by Barb.

Pastoral Plan (Msgr. Mak)

  • Msgr. was able to meet the deadline for submitting the plan for OLOL to the Diocese.
  • The plan, in its entirety, will be posted on the website soon.
  • The new directory for Catholic Catechesis emphasizes evangelization, so a fourth pillar was added to our plan.
  • Next step is to push the plan out to parishioners.
  • Msgr. would like the parish to have a prayer that is said at every get together, every event, every meeting for who we are and what we are about (similar to a mission statement).
  • Official rollout to parish will be in October.

PSR (Vicki)

  • Refer to Appendix A for Vicki’s report on PSR and Monday E-learning programs.
  • Lesson plans are to be uploaded to GravityFormed for parents/students/catechists to access at any time.
  • Msgr. said he needs to update ParishSoft with information on students.
  • Rotation of parents in the classrooms as second adult will be needed, most classes only have one adult right now.
  • Aug. 8 is the get together for Confirmed High School students at 5pm Mass followed by a celebration at the Wolf’s residence. Karen said there are three main activities (review of tools presented during Confirmation class, suggestion box, scavenger hunt), a bonfire, and games planned. None students have RSVP’d.
  • Joan brought up the idea of switching locations for High School program (different houses), that way no one person would need to be present at all sessions.
  • Linda A. reported on the meeting with Renee at Newman Center about their catechetical programs. Young adult, middle school, Confirmation, and High School programs were all discussed. See Appendix B for notes from the meeting.

    Msgr. would like to see us partner more with Newman Center. He would like to have their musicians come to OLOL for worship.

Hispanic Community/ESL (Vicki)

  • Nothing to report.

Adult Faith Formation (Barb)

  • White House Retreat in September is still schedule to proceed. We have four ladies signed up to go.
  • Barb and Vicki are continuing to work on a program for adults during PSR time. Vicki recommended looking at the Franciscans at Home Adult Catechesis discussions for ideas and will send Barb the information to log on.
  • Linda A. mentioned the Eucharistic Miracles Exhibition designed by 15 year old, soon-to-be beatified, Carlo Acutis. All materials can be downloaded from the website for printing. Might be a way to draw in those that are curious, but probably not until after COVID descreases.

Life Planning (Karri)

  • Two First Communions and a Baptism since the last meeting.
  • Wedding is scheduled for Nov. 28.

Formed/Library (Kelly)

  • Kelly is having difficulty accessing the program that prints book labels and will need Msgr. Mak’s help.
  • Formed subscription has been renewed.
  • Use of Formed with Zoom meetings has been very successful and opportunities to increase using the two together for programs need to be explored.

Renewal Movement (Mel)

  • Report submitted to Linda A. by Mel: Welcome Event for women is set for Oct. 24-25. It will be a mix of in-person (15 maximum attendees) and Zoom. There is no overnight stay being offered and the Saturday activities have been shortened by about an hour. Reconciliation and Mass will be in the big Church. The Eucharist will be present in Bestgen, however, in a special Chapel area to help limit movement between buildings. The Welcome page on the website is in operation now with additional information. Linda A. stated that invitations will be given to the adult women attending the High School event on August 8. Barb Steinman said to sign her up for the weekend!
  • Plans for Advent By Candlelight on Dec. 7 have started. Jeanne Livers is being asked to speak. Should the event need to be canceled due to COVID, it will be announced mid-October.

New Evangelization (Linda B)

  • 33 Days to Morning Glory program is going very well via Zoom, led by Kelly.
  • Consecration to St. Joseph program is also going very well via Zoom, led by Msgr. Mak.
  • A new book about Mother Theresa from Dynamic Catholic. It has daily reflections for a year. May be a good choice for Christmas.
  • A good book and workbook on “The Mass” by Edward Sri offers a deeper understanding about every part of the Mass. Possible book study opportunity?

OCI/Catechesis (Deacon Paul)

  • First Zoom meeting with previous RCIA students held. Lots of good questions discussed. Next year’s RCIA students will be invited to these monthly discussions.
  • “Catholicism” by Bishop Barron will be used in the upcoming class.

Other announcements

  • Workshop on Centering Prayer will occur via Zoom during September. A preliminary/set up session will be at 9:30am on Sept. 3. Followed by four additions sessions on subsequent Thursdays. This is open to anyone.
  • Feast Day Novena begins August 13. Rosary and readings will be held every evening in Church at 7pm and streamed online. Still need several volunteers to lead the rosary and coordinate the readers for some of the days.
  • September is the time when we review Core Team membership and elect officers.

Barb led the concluding prayer.

Next meeting is September 3 at 6:00 pm via Zoom (unsure yet if in-person will be possible).  Msgr. Mak will lead prayer/reflection.

Appendix A

PSR Report to Education Commission

August 6, 2020

  1. PSR Census: 134
    1. Kindergarten   12
    1. First                 4
    1. Second             8
    1. Third                10
    1. Fourth              12
    1. Fifth                 11
    1. Sixth                11
    1. Seventh           8
    1. Eighth              13        Confirmation
    1. Ninth               10
    1. Tenth               16
    1. Eleventh          11        High School
    1. Twelfth                        10
  2. High School : Aug 8, retreat and social   Linda/Karen/Joan
  3. Catechists needed for High School (9-12)! Ideally, one person for each grade. Work as team to collaborate and/or tailor for their age-group. I will assist with activities and administration.
  4. Curriculum:  See sample attached
    1. Teachers are asked to include this information pertaining to the mass for the upcoming Sunday. They can augment with their own lessons or use the rest of the lesson plan.
    1. Historical events and links are included as visuals
    1. Google Classroom will be most likely platform, combined with Zoom as needed.
    1. Msgr is working with Brian Hamrin to make sure bandwidth is available for teachers.
  5. PSR Registration:
    1. Msgr doing family letter
    1. ParishSoft can do online registrations now. Classes promoted and ready to go. Kindergarten still needs to be brought into Rel Ed.
    1. Payments?
    1. Permission for media consent can be emailed or downloaded from website.
  6. Barb Steinman and I are working to set up catechism classes for parents, introducing children’s weekly lessons (preface to the upcoming mass) and giving them tools to discuss faith at home.
  7. Survey Results: See attached responses to K-6 and Middle School parents
  8. Monday E-Learning Days at SOTO: Thank you to Amy and Shawn Fowler, Joan Woods and Maria Davis for attending our middle school parent meeting last night. We learned valuable insights about SOTO students’ online learning process, teacher requirements and curriculum expectations.
    1. K-5 are well-provided for with daycare at the school, including meals and transportation.
    1. We will concentrate on Middle School, but will accommodate as many age groups as possible.
    1. If enough Preschool age children would like to be here instead of SOTO, we will plan for that. Msgr is working with Hispanic community to get that conversation going.
    1. K of C will be approached about mentoring and tutoring these Monday ELearning Days. We will need teachers if available, high school students who need volunteer hours and other adult volunteers.
    1. As of now, buses will run as they do for Summer School and parents must arrange for bus transportation. They will be dropped off and picked up here at OLOL.
    1. Mrs. Hutzler has stated that we will be furnished with breakfast since it is loaded onto the buses before the routes and available to students at their destination. Lunch and snacks will be determined after she speaks with Dr. Yoder.
  9. Teacher training will likely be via Zoom, by grade-level teachers.
    1. Rosters and family contact information
    1. How to use new lesson plans
    1. List of apps and their applications: Class DoJo, FlipGrid, Kiddle, EdPuzzle, SeeSaw, Padlet, Google Slides, BitMoji Classroom, etc.
    1. How to provide an ‘environment’ for kids that is familiar while online
    1. How to maintain personal relationships and connections while teaching. Activities, feedback, prayer, concerts, quizlet, check-ins, show n tell, etc.
    1. Incorporating additional materials from Be My Disciples is encouraged.
    1. Review Learning Standards
  10. PSR Registration

Appendix B

Newman Center, Columbia

July, 27, 2020

Meeting Attendees:  Renee (from the Newman Center), Karen Blevins, Mel Graessle, Karri Brauman, Linda Adams

Renee belongs to Catholic Youth Ministry Discussion group on Facebook

Renee sent Karen Blevins a number of links and documents we could look at

Middle School

  • Edge program
  • Meet Sunday evenings during school (one parish is Wednesday evening). Same time as High School
  • Twice a month activity
  • Bible study offered every other week
  • 8th grade Spring retreat (called Luke 18), overnight. “Graduation” to High School group. Hands out letter and business card with contact and schedule info.


  • Meets once a month 1 ½ hour
  • Pamphlet with Renee’s expectations of parents, expectations of students

High School

  • Bible and Breakfast every other Friday morning during summer (at the park or on Zoom)
    • No particular curriculum, Renee has developed several of her own, borrowing from Focus, Blessed is She, Lifeteen Bible Summit Studies (Parent Life area)
    • Have everything there, no reading ahead.
  • Retreat for teens (High School)
    • Bus to Camp Trinity (Lutheran Camp 1 ½ hours from Columbia)
    • $100 for weekend – do fundraising and offer scholarships
    • First weekend in November
    • 30 max because of bus
    • Friday through Sunday morning
  • Pamphlet has Renee’s expectations of parents, expectations of students
  • Meet Sunday evenings
    • Dinner – K of C food ministry
    • Game or 2: Yoda vs. Proverbs, Taylor Swift vs. Lamentations, Conya West vs. Popes, “Would you Rather”, version of Apples to Apples
    • Praise and worship
    • Talk on topic (forgiveness, Belong (available on Lifeteen site), prayer, Sunday Liturgy)
    • Small groups
    • End with prayer moment – Divine Mercy, Rosary, Petitions shout out, Letters to Jesus
    • Announcements
  • Annual Olympics for first night, 2 teams, prizes from Dollar Store
  • Adoration time
  • Weekly email through Mail Chimp, what’s coming up for next 2 weeks
  • Gives graduating High School seniors a “Tiny Saint” pendant of their choice as incentive to stick with it.
  • Evaluations at the end of the year.

Core team

  • College age and up
  • Core team Pamphlet has Renee’s expectations and presents benefits
  • Lead small group discussions
  • Help with retreats
  • Sole focus is to be there for the students

Young adult

  • 2 events per semester (Lourdes parish is bigger and has one every other month)
    • Dinners, priest talks
    • Fish fry pot luck night
    • Bowling night
  • Other parish’s young adult group is more community driven, dinner once a month, New Year’s Eve party.
  • Special events:
    • Pilgrimage to area historic churches, priests gave talk at each one.
    • Fall retreat in Steubenville
    • Springfield in March – festival of Christian music.
  • Recruitment night was pizza night at Shakespeare’s, had own room from 6:30 – 8:30pm. Young adults could drop in anytime during that period and talk, ask questions, visit, give email for future contact
  • Series on Baptism, Mass (gets people involved in Mass ministry)
  • Encourage all to go to Mass together
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Video post to promote joining