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Education Commission Meeting, February 6, 2020

Education Commission Meeting
February 6, 2020

Attending:  Monsignor Mak, Karen Blevins, Karri Brauman, Linda Adams, Linda Bukalski, Kelly Hamrin, Mel Graessle, Deacon Paul, Marilee Poulter, Barb Steinman, Vicki Irsik

Opening prayer and reflection was led by Linda Adams.

PSR (Vicki)  

NET team for junior high/high school students will be here Wednesday afternoon/evening.  There will be small groups, large group discussion, and dinner.  Eldon parish teens have been invited to attend.

Steve Angrisano concert is Sunday at 3:00 pm.  Vicki and a couple others are attending the Saturday retreat for Catechists provided by Steve Angrisano.

Meeting with priests/teacher leaders from other parishes about the April 22 Confirmation.  Confirmation will be here at Our Lady of the Lake.

Vicki is looking for a back-up person when she can’t go to CALO.  She is also looking for a male to work with the boys.

ESL (Vicki)

​No plans as of now for a new class.

Adult Faith Formation (Barb)

​Nothing about Lent materials from Diocese yet.  They should be available by Ash Wednesday or beginning of March.

​Planning to do a Lenten bible study for parents during PSR time.  There have been some who said they would attend.

​White House Retreat (silent retreat; time for reflection)onSept 10.  Linda B is planning to go.  Barb will register Linda.

​Sign up for Lent small groups will be on Feb. 22 before/after each mass.  Barb asked for help with that from Education Commission members.

Family Life (Karri)

​One wedding scheduled soon.

​Baptismal bags will be ready to go soon; plan to have ready for 4/26 baptisms.

Formed/Library (Kelly)

​Library is on hold for now.

​Formed is linked to the new website.

Renewal (Mel)

​NET team here on Wednesday, 2/12 for jr/high school students.

​Walk in Her Sandals Conference provided by JC diocese is 3/7, 9:00 – 3:00.  Cost is $30 or $40 (book included).  Lunch and snacks are included.  If anyone wants to carpool, we will leave OLOL at 7:30.

​Angels (time of reflection) will be 3/31, 6:30-8:00, at OLOL.  Deanery parish ladies have been invited.  Open to all ladies of the parishes, but also inviting girls, junior high and above.

​CRHP will be 10/24-25.  Nine are interested in being on the team; four want to work behind the scenes but be involved.

New Evangelization (Linda B)

​Consoling Heart of Jesus, stage 1, is almost finished.  The group will break to do the Lenten small groups and then start again with stage 2.

​New group of 33 Days to Morning Glory to start this summer, maybe May.

​The book Lent 20/20 will be handed out to all families by the parish for Lent on 2/22-23 weekend and on Ash Wednesday, 2/26.  Education Commission members were asked to help hand out books. The book includes the Stations of the Cross, an area of concentration for Linda.

​Stations of the Cross card handed out by Linda when she visits those in the hospital.

OCI and Catechists (Deacon Paul)

​Ordered DVD set, Foundations of Mass, to use with Catechists.

​Catechists and Deacon will go to the Cathedral the 1stSunday of Lent for the Rite of Initiation.


​Discussion of digital payment and communications.

​Word on Fire website is more reflective, blogs vs Formed which is more academic.

​New website will go live Friday, 2/7.  Old website will redirect to new website.  Thanks to Mary and Kelly for their help in getting it up and going.  The plan is to get each commission to post weekly about what’s new and going on within their group to help parishioners be more informed.

​Inclusion of Hispanic community into commissions is a need.

Next meeting is 3/5, 6:00 pm.  Linda B will provide prayer/reflection and Vicki will provide hospitality.

Mel Graessle, Secretary