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Education Commission Meeting, January 7, 2021

Education Commission, Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church,
Lake Ozark, Missouri 
Thursday, January 7, 2021

Roll Call and Introductions:  Present were Linda Adams, Karen Blevins, Karri Brauman, Linda Bukalski,  Vicki Irsik, Monsignor Makarewisc, Deacon Paul and Marilee Poulter

Commitment to Mission and Opening Prayer: [Prayer Leader:  Linda A] 

Vision and Inspiration: Reflection material—scripture, theology or church document—and discussion or response to what has been presented for inspiration. [Prayer Leader: Linda A] Linda started meeting with prayer, articles and discussion.

Education Commission Charter:  Committed core team: Linda Adams (Chair); 2. Melodi Graessle; 3. Barb Steinman (Vice Chair); 4. Linda Bukalski; 5. Karen Blevins; 6. Marilee Poulter (Secretary)

Parish Religious Education Director Report:  Vicki Irsik

High School viewed Fatima movie and will have a vocations talk Jan. 10 by Deacon Jim and Lusica Hankins. Talk on death and dying by Karri’s son is planned when he is here in March. Public schools’ Spring Break is week of March 15. Vicki and Karen to meet about high school enrollees for Fall, 2021.

Confirmation is on track. No dates back yet from the diocese or notification if the bishop will be here. Vicki and Karen will meet with Monsignor to discuss.

Joan is planning First Communion date May 2nd or 16th.

Monday e-learning will be programs from Formed. Right now three students full-time but may lose two of those.

Budget review will be done after Kelly is back.

Calendar draft to be sent out by Vicki.

Hispanic Community/ESL:  

Update on Mass announcement to enlist commission participation. Right now on hold.

Adult Faith Formation:  Barb 

Barb is having family issues right now. In our prayers. Doing something for Lent was mentioned by several people but no decision reached.

Family Life:   Karri 

No Baptisms planned right now.  Diocese sent new information on marriage prep and protocols for weddings. There are several models for engaged couples: mentor couples with a local program, pre-Cana, or Engaged Encounter. Karri is working on this and will meet with Monsignor about it. and Library:  Kelly is out sick.  In our prayers.

Renewal Movement:  Mel absent due to surgery. 

Linda  reported from Mel that Welcome program  and Continuation Committee on track and will meet soon. Monsignor will work on getting members for a men’s weekend team. Items still on hold due to COVID – Over/under 45 event, Lent by Candlelight, Reconnect weekend.

New Evangelization:  Linda B. 

Advent prayer group went well. Forty books coming for Lent from Dynamic Catholic. Discussion held on how to distribute. Linda will ask different groups how many they would like. Vicki – 6, Deacon Paul – 4

OCI and Catechesis:  Deacon Paul

OCI this year has 2 people meeting weekly. OCI Continued has 2 members and spouses from last year meeting monthly and will start again in February. Both are discussing sacraments.  Deacon was asked how “What’s on Your Mind” questions on Catholicism is going.  He reported going well, has several questions and has talked to some people. Posts being published on the parish web site and will be in the bulletin also in the future.

Pastoral Plan:  Monsignor Mak

Plan will start with developing a Stewardship Commission which should be a help to all the other programs in the parish.

Next Meeting Date: Thursday, February 4, 2021 at 6:00 PM 

Final Questions and review of action items. Karen will be prayer leader for next meeting. 

Prayer for Pastoral Plan and Closing Prayer [Linda A] Linda closed with prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilee Poulter