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Education Commission Meeting, January 9, 2020

Notes, Education Commission, Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Ozark, Missouri.
Thursday, January 9, 2020

Hospitality: Melodi Graessle

Prayer Leader: Karen Blevins

Attendees: Linda Adams, Kelly Hamrin, Melodi Graessle, Barb Steinman, Linda Bukalski, Vicki Irsik, Karen Blevins, Theresa Orscheln, Kathy Cotter, Deacon Paul Poulter, Mary Lee Poulter, Msgr. Mak.

Education Commission Charter:

At this meeting, since it has been a year since the majority of the core committee was formed and there is now an unexpected opening on the committee, there was discussion and reaffirmation of several positions. (Note that the official start of term date, September 1 according to the charter, will still be honored in 2020.)

• Tony Boes has moved out of the area. Request was made to think and pray about filling his position as core committee member.

• Kelly Hamrin asked to step down from position of Secretary. Melodi Graessle agreed to step into the position.

• Barb Steinman agreed to step into the position of Vice Chair (which had not been filled previously).

• Linda Adams reaffirmed her position as Chair (at least until the end of term on August 31). Parish Religious Education Director Report: Vicki Irsik

• Working on a roll-out of the Franciscans at home program to all catechists.

• Responsibility for Children’s Liturgy moved from Worship Commission to Education Commission.

• Family Mass and supper is Wednesday, Jan. 15. 3 rd and 4 thgrade are leading Mass.

• Vicki received three requests the past week for Parish registration forms to be made available in front vestibule. Kathy C. will look into it.

• PSR attendance in lower grades (K-2) has dropped. Late start time is frequently the reason. Vicki asked to survey K-2 parents, maybe pre-K also, to do class on Sunday. Commission agreed to Vicki’s survey request. Vicki will send out a draft of the survey to commission members for review.

• Confirmation Date April 26 at 2pm at Our Lady of the Lake with Bishop Emeritus Gaydos.

• Ski Trip for 7-12 graders scheduled for Jan. 26.

• Karen and Vicki will be attending Diocesan meeting on forming post-confirmation youth on Jan. 10.

• NCYC raffle drawing for the Gourmet Dinner at Msgr. Mak’swill be held this Sunday after 10am. Approximately $12000 is still owed to the Church. Suggestions for next trip: (1) payment plan starting next year, (2) assignment a monetary value to participation in certain Parish activities (youth can earn their way), (3) ask for Trivia night proceeds to possibly go to NCYC in 2021. Vicki may present the situation to the students themselves to brainstorm on solutions.

Hispanic Community/ESL: Vicki Irsik

• Vicki and Julie are putting out flyers in different locations for next ESL class.

• Julie is working on a Spanish class for English speakers.

Adult Faith Formation: Barb

• Vicki and Barb will meet next week to discuss ideas. and Library: Kelly

• Changes have been made to Formed login procedure, only need the parish name.

• Computer for checking out books is being fixed.

Renewal Movement: Mel

• Concert on Feb. 9, tickets are on sale now. Contact Steve.

• Ladies Lenten Retreat will not be held. The speaker is unavailable. The Diocese is having one on March 14.

• Women’s CRHP is scheduled for Oct. 24-25. Email sent to previous CRHP attendees regarding a formation team. Meeting on Jan. 30 for those interested. Mel is looking into Matthew Kelly’s newer version of the CRHP program called “Welcome”. She will meet with someone who has been through the new program to identify ways we can improve.

New Evangelization: Linda B.

• Msgr. is looking for pocket version of Matthew’s gospel to hand out to all parishioners at Easter. Linda B. will bring some samples next meeting.

• Way of the Cross pamphlet suggested by Linda B. as hand out to encourage Stations of the Cross.

• Word Among Us will be available for Lent for those who want it.

OCI and Catechesis: Deacon Paul

Finished second sacrament of initiation last night. Moving along and on schedule.

Parish Website:

New site goes live end of January with static information location like agendas and minutes. Regular posts from different ministries and commissions every week.

Word on Fire Engage Program:

Vicki and Linda A. did some research on the program and its communication partner, “FlockNotes”. Parish has many of the DVDs for the programs available on Word on Fire already. There is a free trial during Lent and the recommendation of Vicki and Linda A. was to use the trial period for further research. Msgr. Mak stated that a parishioner was set on paying for the parish’s use of the program. The commission agreed that the parish should move forward with the program. Vicki has a trial version of FlockNotes working and will continue looking into the set up and use.

Diocesan Pastoral Plan:

Feb. 8 is a meeting for Pastoral Planning at the Diocese. Msgr. Mak will take care of getting a parish representative to attend since this is the same day as the DRE meeting, also at the Diocese.

Administration Commission Long-Range Planning Update:

Msgr. Mak explained that the next steps are to engage architect and planning firms who will study the site and then submit bids. Once a bid is accepted, the firm will work on the layout, examine problem statements and offer solutions.

Next Meeting Date: Thursday, February 6, 2019 at 6:00 PM, Library

Prayer leader for next meeting: Linda A.

Hospitality for next meeting: Barb