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Education Commission Meeting, July 2, 2020

Education Commission Meeting, July 2, 2020

Attending:  Vicki Irsik, Linda Adams, Barb Steinman, Mel Graessle, Linda Bukalski, Monsignor Mak, Kelly Hamrin, Deacon Paul Poulter, Marilee Poulter, and Karri Brauman

Prayer and reflection was led by Kelly Hamrin.

PSR (Vicki)

• PSR calendar was mailed to education commission members.  There will be a couple minor changes due to School of the Osage (Osage) making some changes to their calendar.  PSR start date will be 9/2; Confirmation will be 9/13; and High School (HS) will be determined soon.
• This year’s budget will be approximately the same as previous years.  There will be fundraisers to help offset the cost of NCYC in 2022.  There is money in the budget forbooks needed for RCIA.  Vicki will send Deacon Paul electronic link for Franciscan at home video.
• There was a meeting held on Wednesday, July 1 for discussion of the high school program.  The first event will be a social/retreat at the Wolf’s home on August 8.  As this is the first year for the new HS program, plans are still in progress with ideas of a lot of faith building, mission trips, retreats, etc.  It’s an opportunity for the young adults to apply what they’ve learned about their faith to help others.
• Barb Steinman and Vicki have been meeting and there are plans for some parent discussions at PSR time during the year.  Specific topics are yet to be determined.
• “Parental involvement and engagement are key for high school kids’ success in parish activities.  Welcome 2/0 weekend is a great way to get people starting in getting engaged and involved in the parish.  Recruitment is key.“ Monsignor Mak.
• Kelly suggested to send personal invitations to PSR moms for the upcoming Welcome weekend in October.
• Vicki says there will be a need of three new catechists for the high school group.  She has discussed this with a couple people and asked the group to let her know if there are any other recommendations.
• USCCB will be issuing new guidelines for PSR curriculum at the end of July.  New curriculum writing is on hold until then.
• Osage will be having E-Learning days on Monday for the 20-21 school year.  The district has been meeting with local churches and organizations on how they might be able to help.  One possibility could be babysitting.  Planning meetings are still being help at this time.

Hispanic Community/ESL (Vicki)

• Nothing new at this time.

Adult Faith Formation (Barb)

• Main emphasis is planning topics to offer to parents during PSR time to help parental involvement with making a more solid children and church connection.
• Thirty-three Days to Morning Glory will start July 13 for ladies and meet once a week for six weeks.  The program will end with a consecration to Jesus through Mary on the Parish Feast Day of the Queenship of Mary via zoom.

Family Life (Karri)

• There have been 6-7 First Communions this year so far.  Mrs. Wolf, second grade PSR teacher, commented this year’s class was great and there was good parental participation throughout the year.
• With Osage having E-Learning Day on Mondays, it would be good for OLOL to reach out to preschool moms.  If there is parental involvement with children and church in the early years, there will be better church involvement follow through as the children grow into adulthood.
• Vicki has visited three preschool programs locally to see their facilities and practices. and Library (Kelly)

• The library is closed at this time.
• is still available to all parishioners. 

Renewal Movement (Mel)

• Upcoming events planned, depending on diocese pandemic restrictions:  Ladies CRHP 2.0/Welcome weekend on October 24-25; Advent by Candlelight on December 7; and Angels Evening of Reflection will be sometime early 2021.
• Mel states she’s always looking for something for the men.  Linda B brought up the Consecration to St. Joseph.  Mel will get with Linda about this.
• Reconnect retreat website link was sent to committee members.  She plans to get with Karri soon to learn more.  Karri’s former parish has had a Reconnect retreat.

New Evangelization (Linda B)

• Linda said she’s been trying to get in touch with Amy, activities director at Arrowhead Assisted Living/Nursing Home, to find out when she might get back in to see residents.
• Dynamic Catholic is sending six copies of the book, I Heard God Laugh.  She wants to pass them out and have people read it; it could be something good to head out at Christmas.
• Brief discussion of some homebound parishioners needinghelp with light household duties.  Is there a possibility of some type of outreach program for our high school students?  She will contact social concerns commission.

OCI and Catechesis (Deacon Paul)

• As of now, there are three to four people for RCIA when it starts in the fall.
• He is thinking about doing a Q & A open forum for those who have joined the church in the last few years to answer any questions and do some follow up.  Several committee members mentioned what a great idea this was and might be good for other parishioners as well.

Parish Website (Monsignor)

• Monsignor said the office is always looking for reflection articles by parishioners about their own faith for the website.  Example: respond to a book or movie or an experience.
• Marilee created an In Memorium page for parishioners.

• Karri suggested doing something like a “meet the commission people” or “get to know” someone to help build community closeness.  This could be a weekly/monthly article posted on the website.

• A parish directory, doesn’t have to be as extensive as something from LifeTouch, would be great.  It’s been several years since we’ve had one.  There needs to be follow up with social concerns about this.

Better Together Diocesan program (Monsignor)

• Monsignor will very soon be sending out drafts for commissions to review before he submits the final draft to the diocese.


• It is completed for the upcoming year.

Next meeting date

• August 6 at 6:00 pm, hopefully in Bestgen.
• Barb will do Prayer/Reflection.
• Linda A will do hospitality (if meeting is in Bestgen).

There were no final questions.

Closing prayer was led by Kelly.