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Education Commission Meeting, June 3, 2021

Education Commission,
Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Ozark, Missouri
Thursday, June 3, 2021

Roll Call and Introductions:  Present were Linda Adams, Karen Blevins, Karri Brauman, Linda Bukalski, Kelly Hamrin, Vicki Irsik, Monsignor Makarewisc, Deacon Paul and Marilee Poulter, Barb Steinman

Commitment to Mission and Opening Prayer: Msgr. Mak

Vision and Inspiration: Msgr. Mak

Education Commission Charter:  Committed core team: Linda Adams (Chair); 2. Melodi Graessle; 3. Barb Steinman (Vice Chair); 4. Linda Bukalski; 5. Karen Blevins; 6. Marilee Poulter (Secretary)

Parish Religious Education Director Report:  Vicki

All text books in for K-6, 8

Karen and Melodi teaching 7th Confirmation

K-1 Karri Brauman and Terry Wedding, 

2nd Joan Wolf and Kelly Schubert, 

3rd Linda Bukalski and ___________, 

4th Cindy Long and ____________, 

5th Andrea Anderson and __________, 

6th Amy Fowler and ___________,

8th ______________________________. 

A webinar with all catechists will be June 8 from 2-3.

High School: Crista Collins, core team member. Beth Wright, core team member. —-  I have contacted the new Diocesan Youth Director, Maureen Quinn, about resources for high school. We will likely have to set up our own program, but I would rather not re-invent the wheel if something is already out there. She began her new position June 1 so she will need some time to get acclimated.

We need at least three core teams made up of 2 adults and 2 students each. One team for planning social activities, one for liturgical/scriptural lessons, one for service projects. 

I would suggest we incorporate Theology of the Body in our HS program.  The ideal model for HS would be a multi-year cycle, with one year dedicated to TOB. Between prayer/vocations, service and parish community support, TOB and Liturgy of the Word, we could round out a fantastic 4 year program!

The diocese of Wheeling Charleston in WVA has a V-Cat series for teens that would take one year to get through. I am working my way through the videos and most of them are really good! The go along with Teen Life programs. Not sure of cost yet. 

Summer Hispanic Confirmation make-up session. Only one student (13 eligible and contacted) and we are meeting in the Fellowship Hall. Contact information not accurate for some, soccer practice interferes for others, apathy for some (likely because it’s summer).

Children’s Liturgy: I have been kicking around the idea, and need more feedback, about combining K-1 and CL during a Mass. It could be advantageous for several reasons:

Help with Wednesday classroom crunch

Would allow more children to attend without the late hours. Eighteen children eligible this past year but only 5-9 attended before pandemic. Parents simply needed kids to be in bed earlier.

Could be year-round with formal catechesis each week. 

Great recruitment tool for families!

Karri and Terry expressed interest in having K-1 on Sundays.

Curriculum and resources readily available! Older kids could be scheduled as helpers. 

I would like to ask for volunteers in a bulletin insert with a short orientation to follow for those interested.

Hispanic Community/ESL:  Vicki

Kimberly Dulle can teach ESL if the need arises. We may need to canvas again for interest. 

Alu Perez will teach Spanish when there are enough students. Not enough promotion on my part. I believe that we should consult with Ethan Perez about whether there are any in the community we could contact. Alu would like to attend Comm meeting next month to be introduced to Fr. Medina as an instructor. 

Adult Faith Formation:  Barb 

Planning the program Doing Business by the Good Book. She will submit info for the bulletin and web page. When enough people are interested, she’ll have 1st meeting to set up dates.

Family Life:   Karri 

Two Baptisms are to be held June 5 & 6.  She would like to work on plan for catechizing the families also. Discussion held on First Communion in a group vs individual.  Monsignor recommended not having a separate Mass just for communicants as the faith community presence is important. 

July 17 there will be a Baptism at the Spanish Mass. and Library:  Kelly 

The library database is running now. Elaine Tracy has offered to help.

Kelly is meeting with the Formed rep on new ideas for the parish.

Kelly reported that a new session of 33 Days to Morning Glory is planned for daytime starting in mid July. Elaine Tracy will lead another one this Fall in the evening.

Renewal Movement:  Mel 

The Welcome Weekend team is going strong and things seem to be doing fine.  

Planning for Advent by Candlelight will start in August.

I’d like to say I will surely miss Monsignor as our spiritual leader but also as our educational leader as well.  He’s been very supportive of retreats and renewals.  Thank you, Monsignor.

New Evangelization:  Linda B. 

The meeting on Outreach to Divorced Catholics went well. Another information meeting proposed for July. Discussion held on recruiting ideas.

She will hear from Dynamic Catholic next week. 

Arrowhead is looking for someone to lead a scripture study.  Possible leaders were suggested. Linda will email info to Monsignor.

OCI and Catechesis:  Deacon Paul

OCI is winding down. One person to be scheduled for sacraments.  Second year OCI has last meeting on June 14.  Plan is to hold that class next year also.

Next Meeting Date: Thursday, August 5, 2021 at 6:00 PM Fellowship Hall NO MEETING IN JULY

Monsignor shared some insights for the Commission going forward. His advice is always ask if what you are doing leads people to Christ! And get as many people involved as possible.

Final Questions and review of action items. Prayer leader – Kelly,  hospitality provider – Barb

Prayer for Pastoral Plan/Closing Prayer Msgr. Mak

Submitted by Marilee Poulter, Secretary