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Education Commission Meeting June 5, 2020

Attending:  Deacon Paul and Marilee Poulter, Karri Brauman, Linda Adams, Linda Bukalski, Monsignor Mak, Vicki Irsik, Kelly Hamrin, Joan Wolf, Kathy Cotter

Prayer/Reflection led by Karri.

PSR (Vicki)

  • First Communion celebrations will be completed by end of June/first week of July. 
  • Liturgical Catechesis program is in good shape for the coming PSR year.  Vicki is working with Steve to incorporate liturgical music into the classes.
  • Visits are scheduled at Wardsville, Tipton, and Sedalia to meet with directors of existing pre-schools.  (Exact dates were not mentioned.) Vicki is also investigating Diocesan requirements for pre-schools.
  • Vicki has completed most of the classes offered by Franciscans at Home regarding catechesis. She will be encouraging PSR teachers to start or continue their participation in these offerings. Linda A. has been completing some of the courses and has learned many great ideas for teaching the faith.
  • Msgr. Mak requested discussions with families about the schedule changes at School of the Osage to identify how the parish can help (after school tutoring time, caring for students until parents are available). He raised concern over the number of children that he knows who are home alone for extended periods of time. There is also concern over how the schedule change may affect Wednesday evening PSR. Sunday evening PSR is looking more promising.
  • Linda A. reported that first Confirmation celebration went very well. She thanks all of the people who helped make the celebration a beautiful experience. We have another Mass this coming Sunday for the remaining students.

    Discussion about disconnection and lack of accountability. Even with numerous mechanisms of communicating Confirmation information that were used, many attendees arrived without masks. Some even claimed to never have gotten the information.  Msgr. Mak reflected on the disconnection of people he has seen and asked how we might raise the sense of accountability, particularly in parishioners.
  • Next meeting, Vicki will do a presentation on the High School programs she is investigating for the fall.
  • More Catechists are needed to have 2 adults to a class.
  • 8th and 9th grade will be doing Confirmation class.

Hispanic Community/ESL (Vicki)

  • Nothing to report.

Adult Faith Formation (Barb)

  • Barb sent an email report. She offered the website “” as a nondenominational resource for PSR teachers and parents working with children.
  • “Catholicism for Dummies” may be useful for Deacon Paul as a resource for the RCIA program. Barb finds it very useful for reminding herself “why we do some of the things we Catholics do.”

Life Planning (Karri)

  • Baptism on 5/23 went well. 
  • Weddings – There is a June 20 wedding for couple from St. Anthony’s parish. One wedding in November and possible another earlier.
  • Funerals continue to be held as needed. Karri thanked those who had helped with recent funerals.

Formed/Library (Kelly)

  • Library is not open because of shutdown period.
  • Formed is available to parishioners.

Renewal Movement (Mel)

  • Linda A. reported that CRHP 2.0/Welcome team is continuing to meet and will be ready for the October weekend. Msgr. Mak has asked Glenda Hinrichs to be the Formation Leader/Spiritual Leader for the team and she has accepted.

New Evangelization (Linda B)

  • Linda B. will write a post about praying the Rosary on Tuesday’s again after morning Mass. It will be streamed as well.
  • 33 Days to Morning Glory program is planned to start July 20. If needed, Zoom meetings will be scheduled.
  • Several novenas have been offered through the Worship Commission’s PPI group. There will be another one starting up June 12 in preparation for the “Immaculate Heart of Mary” feast day.

OCI/Catechesis (Deacon Paul)

  • RCIA class finished June 4, last night. There will be some review and Question/Answer sessions scheduled and then Msgr. Mak will take over.
  • Marilee and Deacon Paul are reviewing the following resources for the next RCIA:
    Bishop Barron’s program “The Sacraments”
    “Saints and the Sacraments” series
    “A Well-Built Faith: A Catholic’s Guide to Knowing and Sharing What We Believe” by Joe Paprocki
    “Unfolding the Mystery of Christ” by Eliot Kapitan

Next meeting is July 2 at 6:00 pm via zoom.  Kelly will lead prayer/reflection.