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Education Commission Meeting, March 5, 2020

Education Commission Meeting,
March 5, 2020

Attending:  Monsignor Mak, Karen Blevins, Marilee Poulter, Mel Graessle, Linda Bukalski, Vicki Irsik, Deacon Paul Poulter, Barb Steinman, Linda Adams

Opening prayer and reflection was led by Linda B.

Hospitality was provided by Vicki.

PSR (Vicki)

• 5th grade led Stations of the Cross for PSR last night, 3/4/20.• Looking to start a parent meeting, cohosting with Barb Steinman.  The beginning focus will be about the “Better Together” diocesan program and continue with informational meetings offering tips for parents to positive parenting.  Marilee offered some resources.
• Diocesan Youth Conference is 5/17/20 for youth ages 14-18.  Our Lady of the Lake (OLOL) would like to send four young adults but struggling since that weekend is full of graduations.  Karen will assist in trying to find youth.
• Other summer opportunities for youth:  Camps Macabee (young men) and Sienna (young women); Steubenville in Springfield, MO.
• Vocations Day of Pray is 3/14/20 at St. Joseph’s Cathedralin Jefferson City, MO.
• Christ Our Life, Catholic Regional Conference is 9/26-27/20 in Des Moines, Iowa.  There will be a bus going from our area.  Sign up through Vicki.  Cost is $100 plus food and personal items.
• Sixth Grade Vocations Grade is 5/6/20.  Packets were sent home.
• Monsignor talked to PSR grades 5 – 8 on 3/4/20 about vocations.  It was suggested to maybe look for a young nun to talk with the girls.
• NET Retreat held 2/12/20 for high school Confirmation students.  It was well received and always goes well.• King and Country, Christian rock music group, will be at the Ozark Amphitheater on 7/24/20.  There seems always to be a Christian rock concert in Springfield, MO early in the calendar year.  Karen will look into possibly getting a group of OLOL youth together to go for next year.
• The Steve Angrisano Concert on 2/9/20 went well.  Approximately 320 attended and the retreat day that was held in Jefferson City on 2/8/20 was also very good.

Hispanic Community/ESL (Vicki)

• Julie is looking to start another ESL class for our Hispanic community soon.
• Julie is also planning a class to teach Spanish for our English-speaking community.

Adult Faith Formation (Barb)

• Barb is in the planning stages of cohosting a parent group on Wednesday nights.  See second bullet in PSR.

Life Planning (Karri)

• No report given (Kelly)

• No report given

Renewal Movement (Mel)

• Walk In Her Sandals Retreat will be on 3/7/20 at the Cathedral in Jeff City.  There is an OLOL group of 9 carpooling to the event.
• Let’s Talk Faith: Angels is an evening of reflection hosted by the diocesan Women’s Ministry office will be held on 3/31/20 at Our Lady of the Lake.  Ladies, ages 13 and up, from the entire deanery are invited to attend.
• CRHP 2.0: Welcome will be held 10/24-24/20.  Welcome is the new Dynamic Catholic program that stems from the CRHP program that has been used by OLOL for previous weekends since 2016.
• The next ladies Cursillo weekend will be 11/5-8/20 in Moberly, MO at St. Pius X.  Linda B and Glenda Hinrichs attended the Cursillo Reunion Day on 2/29/30 in Columbia, MO.  The next men Cursillo weekend will be 10/1-4/20 at St. Pius X also.

New Evangelization (Linda B)

• There will be a new 33 Days to Morning Glory group this summer sometime.  Watch for the dates.
• Lent groups are currently being held.
• Linda B goes to the hospital with Monsignor to engage patients and visitors as they request.  Linda B hands out rosaries, prayer cards, and other religious articles as they are requested.

OCI/Catechesis (Deacon Paul)

• The Rite of Initiation was held on 3/1/20 at the Cathedral.  Deacon Paul and Marilee went with OLOL’s two candidates and their families.
• A second group has been added to Deacon Paul and Marilee’s Wednesday night; four young adults are very interested in the Catholic faith and joining the church.  Since they are not “in the same place of the process,” Deacon and Marilee are meeting with them at a different time.

The Parish Website is up and running.  Education Commission has its own area.  Mel will send monthly minutes to Mary to post in this area.  Barb will submit something for the blog in our area also.

Next meeting is April 2, 2020.  Linda A will provide hospitality and Mel will provide prayer/reflection.

Mel Graessle, Secretary