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Education Commission Meeting, November 4, 2021

Education Commission 

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Ozark, MO

Notes from November 4, 2021 Meeting 

Those present at the meeting were Barb Steinman, Fr. Medina, Mel Graessle, Kelly Hamrin, Karen Blevins, Karri Brauman, and Linda Adams.

Letter from Vicki

Barb read an email from Vicki stating that she is resigning from the position of DRE.  Beth will be taking over the part-time position as well as continuing to lead the High School PSR group.  Vicki has been and will continue to work with Beth during the transition.

Well Read Mom’s Group

Need someone to lead this effort. Barb will contact Beth and Abby to discuss options.

Parish Scholarship

Deadline approaching (Nov. 15). No new applications received since last report.


Refer to Vicki’s report emailed to Barb.

Adult Faith Formation

33 Days to Morning Glory session is beginning November 9 at 5:30pm in the Library.  Meetings will continue weekly on Tuesdays until the first week in December, when the last meeting will be Monday, December 6. Consoling the Heart of Jesus is still planned for January/February. 

Barb intends to lead the Leadership by the Good Book study next year.  

Kelly mentioned the Diocesan Advent Program would be great for families to do together.  It is not set up for small study group sessions as in the past.

Family Life

Karri reported that there are no baptisms on the calendar at the moment and one wedding on May 14.  Karen and Mel offered to stand-in for Karri for the wedding, who will be attending her own son’s wedding that same day. and Library

Nothing new to report.


Mel reported that the WELCOME weekend on October 23 and 24 had 21 retreatants. It was a wonderful experience for all.  Many thanks to all who helped make the weekend happen!  The Evening of Discipleship meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 8 at 6:30pm, with the Discernment meetings occurring in January.

Advent by Candlelight (ABC) event is on December 7.  There are 9 tables and less than 10 spots open.

Evening of Reflection event is scheduled for March 31. 

OCI and Catechists

Kelly reported that we have one person in OCI and 4 or 5 in Deacon Paul’s Catholic 101 sessions.

New Meeting Time for Commission

Fr. Medina suggested moving the meeting time up to 5:30pm.  There were no objections.

No meeting in December.

The next meeting is Thursday, January 6, 2022 at 5:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.  Karen is the prayer leader and Kelly is doing hospitality.

Submitted by Linda Adams