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Education Commission Meeting, October 1, 2020

Attending:  Vicki Irsik, Kelly Hamrin, Monsignor Mak, Karri Brauman, Barb Steinman, Mel Graessle, Karen Blevins, Linda Adams, Linda Bukalski

Prayer was led by Monsignor Mak.  The Prayer is the Commitment to Mission written by Monsignor Mak that aligns with the Pastoral (pas’ ter el) Plan and will be said at the beginning of parish meetings.

PSR (Vicki)

  • Needs help on Sunday nights with the HS group and Mondays with the E-learning group.
  • PSR is averaging about 20 students per week. 
  • HS-One resource she is using is from Life Teen; it includes 17 topics from which to choose for group focus.  She asked students to circle topics they’d be interested in hearing about.  Majority chose anxiety as one.  So October 11, she will need help as she talks about depression and anxiety.  Donna Shull from Lake Clean Up will look for some activities the group could do.  She is waiting to hear back from Newman Center.
  • Monsignor said there are some K-1 grade students who aren’t attending PSR but will want to attend next year for First Reconciliation and First Communion.  Without additional catechesis, they will not be fully prepared to receive the sacraments.  Vicki and he will put together some kind of policy/statement that explains what objectives must be met (K-1 grades) to get them ready to be able to receive First Sacraments (2nd grade). 
  • Vicki is working on some Pre-K (ages 3-5) things to put on the website for parents.  It follows a biblical story, e.g., David and Goliath.  It includes a craft idea, script of the bible story, and a video that depicts the bible story acted out by the students attending E-learning Mondays at OLOL.

Adult Faith Formation (Barb)

  • White House Retreat-Barb, Linda A, and Linda B, attended the White House Retreat at the beginning of Sept 2020 and really enjoyed it.  They are signed up for the Sept 2021 retreat.  Glenda Hinrichs, Val Franke, and Kelly Hamrin have already spoken to Barb about joining the group next Sept.  If anyone else wants to go, they should get an application  from Barb; they will be put on a wait list.  The Sept 2021 weekend is already full.  There are other dates if interested.  There are retreats for men and teens as well.
  • Vicki and Barb talked with Deacon Paul and Marilee Poulter about jointly doing  a Catholicism 101 for young adults/parents.  Deacon Paul and Marilee are doing this with last year’s RCIA class.  The book that will be used as one resource is Practice Makes Catholic.
  • Barb will offer a book study based on Business by the Good Book.  It will start after the first of the year.  It is a how to live a sound financial life.

Family Life (Karri)

  • One baptism last week
  • Two more baptisms scheduled; one on October 24 and one in November, specific date to be determined.
  • A wedding is planned for November 28, 2020.

Library/ (Kelly)

  • Monsignor is still working on getting the library server up and running.  He needs a CPU, it can be a few years old, to turn into a server.

Renewal Movement (Mel)

  • The Welcome Weekend, October 24-25, is full and applicants will now be put on a wait list.
  • Mel frustrated with not being able to offer more in seat opportunities, due to Covid.  Monsignor said to look at what’s important in an event and plan around that.  Look for acts of charity to get involved with.
  • Linda B had an excellent idea.  The over 45 ladies offer something for the under 45 ladies.  Mel will start to think and work on that.
  • Mel also looking at/thinking about a Lent by Candlelight this liturgical year since Advent by Candlelight wasn’t held, due to Covid.

New Evangelization (Linda B)

  • No books from last month; push for online.
  • New books haven’t been received; come first Monday of the month.
  • Rosary on Tuesdays are always said after morning mass.
  • She is working with homebound.
  • People are wanting to get involved; ask them to help if you need something done.  Most want to get involved; they are just shy and don’t know how.

OCI and Catechesis:  Deacon Paul and Marilee were not in attendance.

Pastoral Plan (Monsignor Mak)

  • Working toward getting the Plan into some format to hand out to parish members.  A pamphlet style might be a good option.
  • He plans to present the Plan to the congregation soon at Mass.
  • He completed the  Commitment to Mission prayer and Prayer for our Pastoral Plan to be said at the beginning and end of each parish meeting.

Identify Core team Members/Positions

  • Linda A will stay as Chair until Fall 2021; Barb will continue as Vice Chair.
  • Secretary position is open.  Mel is ready to step down.
  • One core team member is still needed.   A core team member is someone who attends the meetings consistently for three years. 
  • Karen Blevins signed up a core team member.  Kelly is listed as one but shouldn’t be as she is a church employee.
  • Open slots:  secretary and one core team member.

Next Meeting Date

  • Next month’s meeting is November 5, 2020 at Bestgen Hall or the Zoom option will be in place.
  • Vicki will lead prayer/reflection.
  • Karri will be hospitality.

Closing Prayer was led by Monsignor Mak.  The commission members read the Prayer for Our Pastoral Plan.