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Education Commission Meeting, October 7, 2021

Education Commission 

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Ozark, MO

Notes from October 7, 2021 Meeting 

Those present at the meeting were Barb Steinman, Mel Graessle, Kelly Hamrin and Linda Adams.

Parish Scholarship

Applications are available in the office, information is in the bulletin.  One application already has been handed out and there are two completed ones in Kelly’s possession.  Consensus was reached that the application committee will create a formal document describing the rules and policies of the scholarship prior to next fall.  

Adult Faith Formation

Barb Steinman shared that the Doing Business by the Good Book study completed. A case of the second book in the series, on leadership, arrived as a donation to the parish from the author.  Barb will find out some contact information to send a Thank You note.  No plans at the moment for starting a study group for this book yet.  

The White House Retreat was at the beginning of the month.  Five women from the parish attended.  OLL now has a formal White House Retreat team.  There are 10 slots for next year’s retreat.  Barb stated that we may have 9 already filled.  Barb asked for a couple of write ups to be submitted for the website.

There are plans in the works for starting a 33 Days to Morning Glory session in November to allow time to complete before the second study (Consoling the Heart of Jesus) begins in January/February.  Barb will put something in the bulletin. 

Linda A. brought up a potential Lenten study group, called “The Rescued.”  It is being sponsored by Acts XXIX.  A retreat is being held October 31 this year and videos will be recorded/study guides developed in order to turn it into a small group study for parishes.  Linda will continue to watch for further information.

Family Life

Kelly, on behalf of Kari, reported that there are 2 baptisms over the upcoming weekend and a wedding on May 14.  She added that the entire Cotter family will be unavailable the weekend of that wedding as they will be attending a different wedding in the family (Karri’s son).  Fr. Medina is also unavailable as he is scheduled to celebrate a wedding elsewhere.  Fr. Schmitz (spelling?) is standing in. and Library

Kelly said she received some information from for a “relaunch” at the parish.  No plans for doing this at the moment.  She happily reported that PSR teachers are utilizing the library materials for their classes.


Mel reported that the WELCOME weekend on October 23 and 24 has 15 registrations in hand, with probably 3 more on their way. She believes they will reach their limit of 20 soon.  The WELCOME Continuation Committee met to discuss assisting during the weekend.  Plans are going well.

A planning meeting for the Advent by Candlelight (ABC) event on December 7 was held and 8 table leaders signed up.  Glenda and Linda A. have volunteered to taxi attendees to and from the event, for those who do not drive at night.

Angels event is still slated for March 31. 

OCI and Catechists

Kelly reported that there are 2 people who are joining Deacon Paul’s Catholic 101 sessions. 

The next meeting is Thursday, November 4, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.  Vicki was “voluntold” to be the prayer leader and Mel volunteered for hospitality.

Submitted by Linda Adams