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Education Commission Minutes, May 4, 2023

Minutes from Education Commission May 4, 2023 Meeting

Attendees: Mel, Kelly, Karen, Barb, Michelle Haggerty, Linda A.


Michelle Haggerty, the new DRE, introduced herself and was introduced to the members of the commission. 

Parish Scholarship

We received a thank you note from one of the recipients.


This year’s Education Commission’s budget will be used for the coming year. 


Approximately 18 students have signed up along with a number of adults. This year NCYC required the full ticket fee be paid up front for all attendees. The parish was able to cover the $6500 amount.


A big “thank you” to all who helped with the Children’s Celebration BBQ, April 30. We had a very nice turn out and all seemed to enjoy the games, food, and fellowship! The Lady Knights served, Knights prepared the food, Rosa, Luis, Karen, Joan, and Barb helped with planning and provided games and goodies for the children. 

21 children will be celebrating First Communion on May 7, 10am Mass (2nd-6th graders). 

Hispanic Sacramental Needs

A meeting was held on May 1 with Fr. Albers and any adults from the Hispanic community who need sacraments. The outcome is unknown at this time.

Adult Faith Formation

• Grateful Living Study group leaders met with Gay Ann Christy to gather feedback from the sessions. The information will be sent to Fr. Penn and then to the Diocese.

• “Music of the Church” will be held on May 10. Steve will do two sessions: 3pm and 7pm in the Chapel. 

• Hearts A Fire Wisdom and Works of Mercy study will start June 7 and continue for 10 weeks on Wednesdays after Mass. The sessions will run 1-1 ½ hrs. Information will be put in the bulletin. There are two books that will need to be purchased. One is read during the 10 weeks, the other is read afterwards, during a 1 month period. After that, the group plans an event/activity centered on Works of Mercy.

• White House Retreat in September. We have filled our 14 spots, with another person on the waiting list. 

• Barb and Mel attended the Diocesan Women’s Spiritual Reflection Day on April 23. There were 168 women from around the Diocese. 

Family Life

2 weddings this year (Freeman and Corwin). and Library

• Kelly has been advertising Ascension, Laudate, and Halo in the bulletin and posting info that she receives.

• The Chosen series is now available for free on Formed along with the Catholic commentary for each episode. 

Renewal Movement

• Welcome is set for 11/4-5.

• Advent by Candlelight is scheduled for 12/5, with Jeanie Livers as the speaker. Planning will begin in August.

OCIA and Catechesis

OCIA wrapped up this week.

Pastoral Council Report

Next Council meeting will be held June 22 to allow time before the Feast Day Novena for any help that is needed. Linda mentioned the Eucharistic Revival and that this Church year is centered on Parish Revival. A “Leader’s Playbook” has been published by the Eucharistic Revival team, which has suggestions for parish participation. More to come.


• May 11 is another Eucharistic Training session. Must have Virtus training and attend a Eucharistic training session to be considered for recommissioning. 

• June 10 is Diocesan “Spring into Summer” event at the Cathedral. Cost is $10 (for lunch).

Next Meeting

No meeting in June, to allow Michelle time to settle at the parish and prepare. 

July 6, 2023 at 5:30pm   Prayer Leader: Linda B.  Hospitality Provider: Barb