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Education Commission Reports December 3, 2020

The Education Commission meeting for December 3 was canceled. Below are reports submitted.

Adult Faith Formation (Barb)

I think getting the bible study (Doing Business By The Good Book) up and going may be delayed some because of my distraction with my parents. Want to do it, just need all this stuff to calm down.

Renewal Movement (Mel)

Welcome Continuation Committee is up and running.  Members are me (permanent) and rotating are Kathy Cotter, Glenda Hinrichs, Linda Adams, Susan Ziegler, Stephanie Koch, and Marilee Poulter.  We will meet after the first of the year.  We will add two more after the next weekend.  I’d like to add two men if possible and that leads to the next topic.

     The first Men’s Welcome team meeting was held Wednesday, Nov. 18.  Monsignor and I were the only ones to show.  All men who were on teams one and two and all participants of team three were invited to attend.  Monsignor was going to work on getting some of the guys interested.  He has the list to work with.

     The next Ladies Welcome meeting will be after the first of the year.  At that time, a new team will be formed and a weekend date will be set.  I’m looking for the fall again.

I also want to say I appreciate Kelly’s help in getting Cursillos and other renewals in the bulletin.

I still have a lot of interest in the Over/Under 45 event.  I’m waiting until after the first of the year to let things settle and to talk with Linda to see what we need to do to get that going.

I’m also still thinking a Lent by Candlelight if the stupid virus allows things to go forward.  If not, we will be ready for Advent by Candlelight 2021.  

Reconnect weekend is also still on my stickie.  Again, just waiting to let the stupid virus get finished or at least under control.

PSR (Vicki)

PSR: Chose to offer website access and teacher consultation for Dec 2, to let the virus settle down after Thanksgiving Dinner. Will evaluate who-did-what to see how many students participated.

ADVENT RESOURCES: Some posted to the website for a Wreath and Family Prayer activities. It looked like there were a lot of other resources around, but I have more if anyone wants them for kids.

HIGH SCHOOL: .First session back with Confirmation Class. Thank you, Karen!

Vocations, Dcn Jim and Lusica on Jan 1.

No Core Teams have volunteered except Corpe’s for one class.

Need additional resources for “Death and Dying” session. Karri’s son is studying for Boards and may work with us later in the spring.Will utilize some of the subjects covered in Monday E-Learning. (below).

Need to find a way to dovetail with Confirmation before the end of the year, leading into topics and schedule for next year. Also recruit parents as Core Members by scheduling in advance.


Confirmation next year? Technically we are caught up according to diocese. Next year’s 7th grade will be 10-12 students. 

Waiting to hear on Confirmation dates in April BUT… 

Assuming Msgr will lead as before, can we follow the prior agenda, liturgy and schedule?

Two Mass celebrations?

ADULT FAITH FORMATION: Elected to wait instead of competing with others’ efforts in Advent.

We need to coordinate programs for Easter or establish a beginning date for Cath101. Develop a survey requesting ideas for topics and questions for upcoming session.

Develop first session that lends itself to inspiration and motivates participants to share with others!

Monday E Learning: Beginning sessions with Fr Mike Schmitz and/or YouTube and

Session #1. What is a practicing Catholic?

Session #2. Four Essentials for Every Catholic: *

Session #3: What is Ethos?

Session #4: What is stopping you from being a saint? Not a (S)aint.