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Family Faith Formation

February 11, 2024

Family Faith Formation

Weekly Family Assignment

  Ash Wednesday is right around the corner. Have you considered what you personally will be doing this Lent? My approach to Lent has changed over the years. Rather than “give up” chocolate or soda, I work on making a positive change in my behavior. There is that sense of sacrifice when you give something up but the moment Lent is over I am back to indulging in whatever it was that I gave up. Yet, how much more meaningful would it be if it was a change that not only benefits you but those around you too. One Lenten season I decided to work on my relationship with someone that I was struggling to love. By focusing on their strengths, I was able to see them in a totally different light. We are now good friends.

  As a family maybe this Lent you could discuss during dinner the special ways that you have challenged yourself to change your behavior and how it effects  the way your day unfolds.


· Wednesday, February 14—Ash Wednesday Mass at 5:30 NO CLASS that evening.

· Sunday, February 18—Donut Sunday after 8:00-10:00 Masses. Donations help defray the cost of NCYC 2025.

· Wednesday, February 21—Touch Safety 7-12 6:00-7:00

· Wednesday, February 28—Stump the Pastor for parents, 3-12 graders, and parishioners. Seventh grade will have Confirmation class as scheduled.

  If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the parish office (573) 365-2241 ext. 4 or on my cell phone (816) 210-8223…. Michele Haggerty, DRE.