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Family Faith Formation

March 17, 2017

Weekly Family Assignment

 A couple of weeks ago one of our teens came up to me after class with an important question. What is the purpose of life? He was concerned about his purpose specifically but everyone’s purpose generally. I explained that every single person has a purpose and each of our purposes are unique just as we are. I further suggested that in order to live our lives according to our purpose, we need to know what unique gifts (or talents) our Lord has given us and use those gifts to glorify Him. I asked if he knew what some of his gifts were so that we could put together a plan to use those talents. He seemed totally stumped by this question. I suggested that he pray about it and speak to his family and have them help him come up with five gifts that he can share with me this week. I ask you parents to take some time this week to discuss with your children what you see as their gifts and help them readily recognize those talents for themselves. Once one knows what those gifts are, a daily prayer to the Holy Spirit to help you use them for the greater good that day will give you the purpose God has meant for you.


· Sunday, March 17—Donut Sunday after 8:00 and 10:00 Masses. Donations made help defray the cost of NCYC 2025.

· Saturday, April 13—Confirmation at St. Anthony’s

· Sunday, April 14—Donut Sunday

· Wednesday, April 17—Stump the Pastor

  If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the parish office (573) 365-2241 ext. 4 or on my cell phone (816) 210-8223…. Michele Haggerty, DRE.