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March 2021 Newsletter, Our Lady of the Lake K of C Ladies Auxiliary #9273​

March 2021 Newsletter

  • No meetings until further notice due to the pandemic.  Hopefully, we are getting close to a face-to-face meeting. 
  • Welcome to our new members Linda Bukalski, Kelly Hamrin and Lorraine Harrison.  Ladies, we are excited to have you join our organization!
  • Please save any generic greeting cards you get and don’t use and give them to Colleen to use for our Sunshine Committee.
  •  Please pay dues immediately if you haven’t or contact Mel Graessle.
  •  Melodi Graessle, President and Karen Chaput, Past President will be attending the State Convention during the weekend of April 24-25.
  • I’d like to know your opinion about maybe doing a Card Party in the Fall, late September/early October, as a fund raiser.  It would be just this one time and then do the usual one in May to get back on track. Please don’t go crazy on me; I’m just asking a question.  If you have a strong opinion one way or the other, let me know. I’ll compile all the comments and we will go from there.
  • We are looking for a vice president for the 21-22 year.  The slate of officers is below.  If you haven’t held an office, here’s a great opportunity for you to get involved.  You also have the option of nominating someone.  Voting will take place in May, 2021.

President:​​​ Karen Blevins
Vice-Pres:​ ​​OPEN
Secretary:​​​ Marilee Poulter
Treasurer:​​​ Lusica Hankins
Parliamentarian:​​ Arlene Cordero
Sunshine Committee:​ Colleen Parise​.
Sgt of Arms:​​Colleen Parise.
Trustees:​​​Annette Miller.
Karen Chaput
Melodi Graessle

  • Karen Chaput has offered and will be making a small welcome gift for new members.  It’s a tea cup with a few goodies in them.  Thanks, Karen!
  • The K of C held their annual anti-drug/bullying poster contest.  Jenni Glendenning, one of our members, is an art teacher at Osage and assists the Knights by promoting the contest and allowing the students to work on the posters during class.  Thanks for your support, Jenni.
  • Please continue your prayers for all those who are sick or who have lost family members.

Melodi Graessle