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February 2021 Newsletter, Our Lady of the Lake K of C Ladies Auxiliary #9273​

February Newsletter

  • No meeting until further notice due to the pandemic.
  •  The officers met on 2/4/21 via zoom. Below are two things from that meeting that you should read specifically and not gloss over.
    1. As a group we talked about how much money we actually have and when we might get to do something that would make us money.  Since we don’t know that date, we discussed giving half of what we gave last year (except for RIB) now.  If we do get to start making some money at some point, then we can always contribute more.  If you do not agree with this thought, please let me know by Friday, February 12.  We will follow the standard rule of going with the majority. We don’t want to empty the coffers but we do want to help and we hope we can give more as money allows.
      • RIB Contribution​​ ​$138.75
      • Agape House​​​​ 50.00
      • St. Judes​​​​​ 125.00
      • Sisters of Notre Dame​​​ 25.00
      • K of C Vocations​​​ 35.00
      • Special Olympics (Plunge)​​ 25.00
    2. We will be working on recruiting new members.  Following is what will be done within the next couple months.
      • Letters & brochures will be sent to wives of new Knights inviting them to join.
      • Announcement in the bulletin asking lady age 18 years or older interested to contact Karen Blevins for information.
      • Gary will include the pamphlet about the Auxiliary in the Knights’ newsletter. Marilee will send Gary the pamphlet electronically.
      • Marilee will update the webpage with the new regulations and add the link to pdf brochure.

 A few years ago, the membership by-laws were changed to the following guidelines:


  1. Membership in the Auxiliary shall be open to:
    • a. Wives of Knights of Columbus in good standing.
    • b. Mothers of Knights of Columbus in good standing.
    • c. Daughters (17 ½ years and older) of Knights of Columbus in good standing.
    • d. Any practicing Catholic female age 17 ½ years or older.
    • e. Members of Religious Orders, in good standing with their Order.

Officers are hoping these along with some other actions will help increase our membership.

Other New Information

  • We are looking for a vice president for the 20-21 term.  The slate of officers is below.  If you haven’t held an office, here’s a great opportunity for you to get involved.  A term of being president follows your term of vice president (full disclosure J).  You also have the option of nominating someone also.

President:​​​ Karen Blevins
Vice-Pres:​ ​​OPEN
Secretary:​​​ Marilee Poulter
Treasurer:​​​ Lusica Hankins
Parliamentarian:​​ Arlene Cordero
Sunshine Committee:​ Colleen Parise​

  • Membership cards will be distributed at the next in person meeting.  I am hoping for maybe April or May.  It will be as soon as we get the okay to do that.
  •  Laclede Industries Waste Watchers Recycling Center located near the dam at 43 Valley Rd, Lake Osark, MO, 65049 has agreed to allow our council to drop off recyclable items at no cost for the year 2021. Just show Bobby, the facility director your Knights of Columbus or Auxiliary current membership card for 2021. They have allowed our council to do this because of our council donated to their facility in 2020. They are open only on Tuesdays. Please thank them on behalf of our council.  If you need your membership card before the next in person meeting, contact Lusica or myself.  One of us will get it to you.
  • Please save any generic greeting cards you get and don’t use and give them to Colleen to use for our Sunshine Committee.
  • Local drive-thru fish fries are listed in the bulletin.
  • Please continue your prayers for all those who are sick or who have lost family members.

Melodi Graessle