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From the Pastor’s Desk: 14 April 2024

Third Sunday of Easter

   “Peace be with you.” Jesus says to His startled disciples (cf. Luke 24:36).  The disciples were scared, startled, and terrified as the Risen One appears in the midst of them.  Why were they so startled? They feared this was a ghost, an experience with the dead, however with these words and following actions, Jesus proves this experience to be one with Him as alive, living among them…again. And to prove another point, amid all their confusion and chaos, Jesus calms them with the words of peace and sends them out, as He did before, to be His witnesses throughout the world: gifted with His peace and strengthened in and by His power.  Like the disciples may we experience the peace of Christ in our lives and may this peace be our driving force to live as the Lord’s fervent and faithful disciples.

   I want to congratulate all the newly Confirmed: Esmeralda Ambrocio Hernandez, Alex Cervantes, Tatum Collins, Hope Floyd, Erick Jarquin, Charlize Knoke, RJ Matthews, Kinley Mayer, Reagan Mayer, Sebastiano McKenna, and Marley Mesiti.