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From the Pastor’s Desk: 10 September 2023

Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

The world is filled with noise and distractions and there is a reason for that: the world does not want us to hear the voice of God.  The world leads us in the opposite direction of the way God chooses for us.  The voice of the Lord is not distracting, rather it is calming and compelling, steering us away from the harmful ravages of sin and death and leading us toward following Him.  I truly believe, if we are honest with ourselves, is asking this question truthfully: what would we answer first, God, or our cell phone?  The cell phone in its ringing pierces the silence of our surroundings while the voice of the Lord comforts us in the situation we find ourselves in at that very moment.  Do we answer God or our cell phone?  A pretty good barometer to judge our preference…and response.

Fr. Penn