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From the Pastor’s Desk

From the Pastor’s Desk: 17 September 2023

Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

  Our life and all we have is a gift from God.  All that we need He gives to us out of love.  It seems that we prefer to grasp not for the good things God desires to bestow on us, but to reach for and cling to the things that do not come from God.  Why are we inclined to do this?  Sin and selfishness draw us toward secular things and objects that will give us instant gratification.  God’s ways draw us toward eternal life and happiness that requires us to have patience and endurance.  Think of the ways of God and not the ways of the world and this will allow us to live the life God desires us to live.

  Today is Catechetical Sunday.  In observance of this day our catechists will be blessed and commissioned during the 10:00 a.m. Mass.  Let us keep our parish catechists in prayer: that they will be fervent and faithful in their teaching of the gospel and living its message in the world today.  On behalf of a grateful parish, I wish to express my appreciation to our catechists for their selfless work and example.

Father Penn