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From the Pastor’s Desk: 7 April 2024

Second Sunday of Easter

Sunday of Divine Mercy

   Belief and mercy go hand in hand.  The gospel of today (John 20:19-31) recounts the story of how Thomas came to believe and experience the mercy of the Risen Lord.  Thomas would not believe that the Lord had been raised from the dead because he was not there when the Risen One appeared before the others.  Thomas’ faith was strengthened, and the mercy of Jesus was bestowed upon him when he offered the Lord homage and confessed Him as Lord and God.  Faith is a gift that comes from God, and it is through faith and reason that we come to know and understand who God is and the greatness He is calling us to.  On this Sunday of Divine Mercy may we experience the Presence of the Risen Lord in our lives and with hearts filled with faith, seek the mercy of God that only the Risen One can/will bestow.