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Campaign for Pregnancy Help Center!

Make your pocket change –

 “change” a baby’s life!

Baby bottles will be available starting Mother’s Day weekend to fill with your loose change and return. Your donations help the local Pregnancy Help Center assist women with unplanned pregnancies by providing free counseling and assistance. This is their main fund raiser.

If you are unable to get a baby bottle to support the Pregnancy Help Center, you can always donate by placing cash/check (made out to “Pregnancy Help Center”) in a separate mailing envelope addressed to Pregnancy Help Center in our church collection basket. 

FATHER’S DAY WEEKEND (June 15-16) is the deadline. Bring back your baby bottle filled with change to church that weekend or make a donation as explained above.

For more about the Pregnancy Health Center of Camdenton, check out their website at…

Blessings for your support!