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He’s got this, ladies!

God’s got this!  That’s one of the many things I took away from my first women’s retreat (back when it was called Christ Renews His Parish).  I realized, while listening to my fellow parishioners who were leading the retreat, that I was my own worst enemy.  I was the one blocking God out of my life. It wasn’t intentional at all, I just didn’t know any better.  I decided that weekend to start letting go of my baggage and letting God lead me.  (LG)2.  Let Go and Let God.  I loved that weekend!  

That was the beginning of a wonderful journey that has led me to today.  I started out on my own, looking for some way to connect with other women in my parish, some way to find support on my faith journey.  At the time, I was married with a young son and working full-time, but I was pretty empty.  Quite a few years have now passed and I’ve since attended a second weekend and this coming retreat will be my second time on the retreat giving team.  What a blessing it has been working with the other ladies on this current team!  They are truly my sisters in faith!  

I need more sisters, though.  Will you be one?  Will you let me care for you on October 24 and 25?  Will you let me shelter you for a while from the storm all around us?  Please come and rest awhile.  

We have a limited number of attendees we can safely have, so call the parish office (573-365-2241) and let them know you want to experience Welcome.  
May God bless you! —Linda Adams

To read more on the Shelter in Grace experience on Oct. 24-25, see our Welcome web page here: