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January 26, 2023 Worship Commission Minutes

Minutes, Worship Commission

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Ozark, MO

Thursday, January 26, 2023 4:00 pm

Call to Order:

Karri Brauman called the meeting to order with Deacon Paul Poulter, Marilee Poulter, Kathy Cotter, Steve Jannetti, Tony Kirn, Lorraine Harrison, Debbie Noland and Louie Noland (guest) in attendance.

Opening Prayer:

Prayed the Commitment to Mission and Karri shared a reflection from “Courageous Virtue” book.

Steve Jannetti, Karri Brauman and Marilee Poulter provided hospitality.

Minutes of the last meeting:

Marilee Poulter published the meeting notes from the October 27th on the parish website.

  1. New Business
    1. Worship Commission Leader – Karri Brauman
      1. Calendar Review – Karri went over items on the calendar for Feb., March and April.
  1. Ministry of Art & Environment – Kathy Cotter
    1. Guadalupe niche now installed in church. Top row of candles taken out for safety until check with insurance approval made.
    2. Candlemas – Feb 2 Candles will be blessed in Fellowship Hall followed by a procession into Mass in the Chapel. 
    3. Feb 12, 10 am Mass for the Anointing of the Sick.  Reserve signs for front pews needed (every other pew empty) . Steve will follow up on ushers needed (possibly Knights)
    4. Prep for Lent: 
      1. Candles delivered and palms on order
      2. Collection baskets set out for last year’s old palms
      3. Ash Wednesday Feb. 22, set up on Feb. 20
    5. Confirmation  – March 11, 5 pm Mass with the Bishop. First five pews in each section will be reserved. One row designated for each confirmand and their family. Possibly open the north wing for that Mass only.
  1. Ministry of Hospitality – Lorraine Harrison
    1. New badges for ushers anyplace greeters placed in basket by sign-in.
    2. Lorraine, Karri, and Steve met to discuss MSP and usher/greeter responsibilities; will wait to make changes in booklet until Fr. Penn has usher/greeter training set and has had a chance to review booklet and recommendations.
    3. A reminder email will be sent to usher/greeters of current responsibilities – sign-in, count for attendance, collection put in safe, straightening of pews, etc.
    4. Anointing of the Sick at Feb. 12 10 am Mass – K of C members will be seating those wishing to receive the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick.  Steve will confirm details.
  1. Ministry of Reader – Carolyn Loraine (report emailed in her absence)
    1. Spoke with individual who is currently interested in becoming a lector
    2. Lector training meeting with Fr. Penn to be set after E.M. training
  1. Ministry of Music & Song – Steve Jannetti
    1. Will start training parish on the Mass of Plenty items after Easter.
    2. Steve will start writing a Liturgical Corner info for the bulletin every week. He is starting with the psalms and will also put it in a post for the web. 
    3. Applying for a grant like last year.  Due in May.
    4. Steve working on setting up Concert for a Cause for a local charity TBD.
    5. Steve is handling MSP and also now ordering liturgical supplies.
  1. Ministry of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion – Mary Scarlett (absent)
    1. Training session with Fr. Penn 1/26/23
  1. Ministry of Mass Coordinator/Sacristan – Tony Kirn 
    1. Training session with Fr. Penn 1/26/23
  1. Order of Christian Initiation & the Sacraments – Deacon Paul Poulter
    1. Rite of Scrutinies will be held with our two catechumens at 8 am Mass on Thursday, March 9, 23 and 30.
    2. Diocesan Rite of Election will be the First Sunday of Lent at Our Lady of Lourdes in Columbia.  Preceded by Rite of Sending at Our Lady of the Lake. Will need 2 pews reserved in front section for Easter Vigil.
  1. Prayer & Devotions – Debbie Noland
    1. Praise, Petition, and Intercession (PPI)
      1. Added new member Barb Steinman in Dec. 2022
      2. Stations of the Cross during Lent. Discussion held on leaders, day and time. Steve will talk to Father.
      3. Group will begin praying “Divine Mercy Novena” on Good Friday, April 7
      4. PPI 6 year Anniversary on Sat., April 23 (Msgr. Mak commissioned group on 4/23/17 Divine Mercy Sunday).  Discussion on putting info in the bulletin and web with a recognition at Mass. Debbie will talk to Father.
    2. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on Fridays
      1. Discussed keeping current schedule of 8:30 am to 2:00 pm during Lent. Debbie will talk to Father.
  1. Altar Servers
    1. Assigned for Confirmation Mass and Holy Week? Steve will check.  Need 5 for Confirmation.
  1. Parish Digital Communications – Karri Brauman/Marilee Poulter
    1. Add Steve’s Liturgical Corner to Website 
    2. Streaming Confirmation Mass – regular Wed.
    3. Streaming Holy Week – Volunteers needed.  Karri will ask.
    4. Issue of low audio mentioned. Karri will check.
  1. Liturgical Formation of Assembly – Fr. Penn)
    1. March 14, Kate Basi from Our Lady of Lourdes will come to give. Lenten presentation. No charge and no cost to parish. Will be announced in bulletin, web and Facebook.
  1. Next Meeting:
    1. Date: Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 4:00 PM (NOTE NEW TIME)
    2. Prayer & Reflection Leader: Mary has list
    3. Hospitality Provider: Mary has list.

Closing Prayer

Closing Pastoral Prayer read and meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Marilee Poulter in Mary Scarlett’s absence