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July 2020 Newsletter, Our Lady of the Lake K of C Ladies Auxiliary #9273

Hi, everyone.  Welcome to the July newsletter of the Ladies Auxiliary 9273.  I look forward to serving this year as president.  

Congratulations to our new officers:

Melodi Graessle President

Karen Blevins Vice President

Marilee Poulter Secretary

Lusica Hankins Treasurer

Colleen Parise Sgt of Arms

Arlene Cordaro Parliamentarian

Pam Scherer Trustee 1 year

Annette Miller Trustee 2 year

Karen Chaput Trustee 3 year

Thanks for your service to the outgoing officers: Linda Bayliss, Betty Cassmeyer, and Jan Metz.

Please keep track of any volunteer hours you have.  I will hand out the volunteer hour sheet at the next meeting we have.  

If you haven’t paid dues for this year, please keep that in mind also at the next meeting or you can get it to Lusica Hankins, treasurer.

We received $750 from the Knights for the desserts we provided for the fish frys during Lent.

We will purchase 14 bibles for the 4th grade PSR class this year.

Trustees, please attend the September meeting and plan to do an audit of the books.

Right now, we will plan to have an August meeting on August 18, 2020 at 7:00 pm.  This is tentative of course.  We will continue to follow what the Knights do with their meetings.

I hope this finds everyone well.  Stay safe and I pray we all get to see each other soon.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask any questions.  You have my email and my phone number is 573-690-1400.  I do text as well.

Melodi Graessle