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June 22, 2021 Worship Commission

Minutes, Worship Commission.
Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Ozark, MO.
Diocese of Jefferson City Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Call to Order:

Annette Miller called the 7:05 pm meeting to order with Msgr. Marion Makarewicz, Deacon Paul Poulter, Kathy Cotter, Carolyn Lorraine, Steve Jannetti, Mary Scarlett, Carolyn Lorraine, Lorraine Harrison and Mary Wagemann.

Opening Prayer:

Mary Scarlett opened the meeting with a prayer.

Msgr. read the Commitment to Mission prayer.

Mary Scarlett read a reflection.


​A farewell dinner was shared by the Commission.

Minutes of the Last Meeting:

​The May 25, 2021 Minutes were approved.

Worship Committee Leadership: (Annette Miller)

​Annette Miller led the meeting.

Presentation of St Joseph canvas to Msgr. Mak.

Ministry of Art and Environment: (Kathy Cotter)

Four volunteers to help in gardens around the Church.  Will rework front areas of the Church.

Changes need to be made on pew cards – new Pastor – add Deacon Jim – Spanish Mass available – change website – logo needs to be changed – live streaming.

Pew cards are needed at our Parish because 80% of people in Church are visitors.

Signs at entrances need changes.

Altar cloths will need to be replaced.

Queenship Novena  August 13th thru August 22nd need new statue of Mary.  Sign-up sheet to host in homes put out in July.  Novena will take place in homes of parishioners.

Ministry of Hospitality: (vacant)

Fourth of July weekend we need additional Ushers.

Announcement at beginning of Mass need to be revised.

Ministry of Reader: (Carolyn Lorraine)

Contact Readers about changes since pandemic.

Ministry of Music and Song: (Steve Jannetti)

Nothing to report.

Ministry of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: (Mary Scarlett)

MSP will be used to schedule people for bringing Communion to the homebound-hospital-nursing homes.

Msgr. Mak has list of facilities, times and homebound to visit.

Visit hospital twice weekly.

Discussion of bringing back precious blood.  Do we have enough Eucharistic Ministers?  If there is a spike in covid we would have to take precious blood away.  We will discuss again next month.

Sacristan and Ministry of Mass Coordinator: (Tony Kirn, Annette Miller)

Tony unable to attend meeting but added these items via email.

Need for additional Mass Coordinators for the Saturday 5:00pm Mass and Sunday 10:00am Mass.

Several Mass Coordinators have decided to become Ushers and are no longer Mass Coordinators.

Tony will contact several people who might be interested in being a Mass Coordinator.  If anyone aware of a good candidate, please email name and phone number to Tony.

Rite of Initiation and the Sacraments: (Deacon Paul)

Communion service at Passover senior living center.

Prayer and Devotions: (Debbie Noland)

Unable to attend meeting.

Altar Servers: (Zuzana Stipanitz, Paulette Spriggs)

Booklet for Altar Servers will be provided by Msgr. Mak.

Serving at Mass can be counted as service hours for Confirmation.

Date for Altar Server party to be determined.

Liturgical Formation of the Assembly(Msgr. Makarewicz)

Continue to do good works.

Recruit new members.

Have a Speaker in July for new ministers.

Reach out to new parishioners personally.

Mass attendance increasing since pandemic.

Every quarter ask for new volunteers.

Streaming company have supplier problems – should be completed in August.

Sound Solutions will bring in sound.

Suggest purchase new cope and humeral bell.

Priest wireless microphone needs to be adjusted to negative five by Steve Janetti.

We will continue social distancing at the 8:00am Mass thru June and possibly discontinue in July.

Face Time with Debbie Noland for future meetings.


Next meeting:

Next meeting is July 27, 2021.

Steve Janetti will be the prayer Leader.

Lorraine Harrison will provide hospitality items.

Closing Prayer

Msgr. Mak prayed a closing prayer.

​Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm

Meeting notes respectfully submitted by Mary Scarlett.