Sometimes I just want to reassure our children that God is always with us, and I am always worrying about them. I cannot be in everyone’s lives so please take solace in some suggestions, including prayers that make the new way of living more ‘normal.’

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This article is for KIDS ONLY!

Dear Children in Christ!

Everything is different at home, isn’t it? Boy, it sure is at my house! The worst part is that I can’t go to church as much as I want to! Between the bad germs making people sick and then the bad stuff on TV, it just seems like the world has gone crazy! I know that God sees us all and knows what we are going through. I also believe he has faith in us to do the right things to keep everyone safe and healthy. We just have to remember to be kind!

Remember the Golden Rule? If you want to be treated with respect and kindness, then that is how you must treat everyone else! And, most importantly, we have no right to judge. We can choose right and wrong for ourselves, and maybe for our family, but not for others. God knows what is in their hearts and minds, so let Him take care of them.

All we need to remember when we are upset or feeling lost is Psalms 11. King David, even as a young boy, wrote many songs and psalms that were so beautiful he could put his entire flock of sheep to sleep with his calming voice! This is my favorite one…

Psalm 11: Confidence in the Presence of God* – Kid’s Version

“The Lord is my safe place. How can you tell me to just leave and do not worry about the troubles I see?

-I see bad people trying to hurt the good people! -When people are in the streets doing naughty things, what can good people do?

-Well, God is in heaven watching us all the time. He tests us to see if we will act good or bad. If we act bad, he might not give us the good things we want and need. If we don’t act like Christians, it makes God feel so bad!

-When He sees people acting really bad, sometimes he punishes them so you do not want to be with them.

-God is always fair in punishment, and those who live by the rules in the bible will see Him in heaven! ” (end of psalm) ______________________________________________________________________________

Here are some things to remember about behavior. Feel free to KINDLY remind someone if needed.

  1. Choose right over wrong. You will probably know the difference but you can ask mom or dad for sure.
  2. Be silent if you do not know what to say, or just say something kind like, “I’m sorry for the way you feel.”
  3. God is always with you so make Him proud! If you are thinking of doing something you know will get you into trouble, remember that is Satan trying to control you! Tell Satan to get behind you and stay there! Even Jesus had to tell Satan to leave him alone!

*Catholic Study Bible, Oxford University Press Edition, 2007(p 653 **footnote Ps 11, ¶3)

I miss everyone coming to PSR so very much! I cannot wait until we are together again. If you would like to have a computer meeting, tell your mom or dad and we can have a fun class online! Let me know, ok? God bless all of you and remember to say your prayers every morning and every night so you and Jesus spend time together. Use the ones below if you want to!

Blessings and Prayers!  Vicki

Morning Prayer for Kids: Good Morning, God! Hello, Jesus! Thank you for another day in my life. I know you are with me today no matter what happens, and all the good things come from you. I love you. Amen!

Meal Prayer: Bless us, Oh Lord, and these gifts which we are about to receive from your bounty, through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Evening Prayer: Dear God – Thank you for everything you did for me today! (You should say some things that made you smile so God knows you were paying attention to His blessings) Keep us all safe (name everyone you want to protect, even your pets and teachers) and listen to our prayers. Give us the patience we need to wait on the good things you have planned. I trust you with all my heart, even when I do not understand everything. I love you! Amen

Guardian Angel Prayer: Angel of God, my guardian so dear. God’s special love for me has brought you here! Every day be at my side to light my way and be my guide. Amen

A prayer you can silently say ANY TIME: Jesus, I need you. (Remember, He is always listening!)


  1. Have someone tell you the story of Michael the Archangel.
  2. What is the definition of ‘angel?’
  3. Names in the bible often have other meanings. What does the name Ishmael mean?