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Leap of Faith

Have you ever attended Sunday Mass and wondered who that person sitting in front of you was?  Or read the weekly bulletin and wondered about a certain class or been curious about an organization or meeting that is held each week? Have you ever felt lost and just wanted to be part of something to enrich your faith?   I have!  That is, I used to until I was fortunate enough to attend the 2020 ‘Shelter in Grace’ Welcome retreat.  

The retreat weekend opened a world of opportunity to get acquainted with fellow sisters of faith who have a lot of the same questions as myself.  We all seem to have the same experiences and concerns; and, we all have the same desire to grow in our faith.  Now, I feel like I am a part of this wonderful Catholic community of faith.  

I invite you to attend this year’s ‘Anchored in Christ’ Welcome retreat.  Take a step out of your routine and take a leap of faith to see what God has awaiting you in this unique experience of sisterhood and faith and personal growth.

Hope to see you there!!  God’s blessings! – Elaine Tracy

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To sign up, contact Kelly at the Parish Office 573-365-2241 x 5 or Louise Williams at 573-280-9385.