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Education Commission Meeting, February 10, 2022

Education Commission 

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Ozark, MO

Notes from February 10, 2022 Meeting 

Those present at the meeting were Barb Steinman, Mel Graessle, Kelly Hamrin, Karen Blevins, Karri Brauman, and Linda Adams.

Well Read Mom’s Group

Decision was made by the Commission to defer this topic indefinitely.  There is interest and willingness to support this, however, no organizer/leader has been identified to spearhead the group.  Barb has made several attempts to contact the originator of the idea, with no success.  Additionally, it was agreed that this type of gathering does not fall within the mission of the Education Commission.

Parish Scholarship

Kelly reported that three applications were received.  The Commission agreed to award each of the applicants a $1500 scholarship.  Kelly will be sending out the checks with a congratulatory letter to each recipient. 

A sub-committee was identified for this year’s scholarship.  Mel, Karen, and Barb will meet towards the end of summer to review the application form, requirements, and process.  This sub-committee will also review all completed applications received and verify that all requirements have been met. 


Beth Wright was unable to attend the meeting, as she was traveling to see her first grandson, Oliver.  Kudos were expressed by several commission members regarding Beth’s work as DRE. 

NET Retreat

Went well.  There was one comment that the students spent less time in Bestgen than in the past.  They went over to spend time in Church around 5pm and did not return until after Mass.  


Kelly relayed that the Finance Committee is requesting more detailed budget description for the NCYC trip.  A more explicitly defined ratio of adults-to-students is needed for planning partial payment for adult chaperones.  With budgets coming due in May, Karen will need to meet with Beth sometime in April to go over numbers. 

They have also requested that potential attendees be encouraged to demonstrate a more vested interest in going to the conference.  The Commission discussed possibilities that go beyond participation in fund-raisers, such as active participation in parish life through service hours. 


Karen said she is planning to get a group of students to go to the Steubenville Conference, July 15-17 in Springfield, MO. The cost is anticipated to be $200 ($160 if driving self).

Adult Faith Formation

Barb reported that “33 Days to Morning Glory” sessions were completed in December, with Consecration on Dec. 12.  She intends to continue with “Consoling the Heart of Jesus” program after Easter, with meetings most likely to be held on Mondays around 5:30pm.  Barb also wants to hold the “Leadership by the Good Book” sometime this year. 

The Lenten program “No Greater Love” will be hosted by Deacon Paul and Marilee, Monday evenings, Mar. 7 through Apr. 4.  RSVPs are needed by Feb. 24th to allow time for ordering the workbooks.

Family Life

Karri reported that there are no baptisms on the calendar, one wedding on May 14, another Nov. 12. She is working on an information sheet/pamphlet for planning a wedding or baptism. and Library

Kelly reported that the parish is encouraging for sacramental preparation for parents. 


Advent by Candlelight was a success, with 85 attendees.  Lots of positive feedback, including from the evening’s speaker.

Angels: Evening of Reflection event is scheduled for March 31, 6:30-8pm. Lee Ann Korsmeyer will be speaking. No refreshments are planned other than water or lemonade perhaps.

New Welcome team is starting formation. Sara Bartlett is the Formation Leader and Lynne Green is the Retreat Leader.  (I apologize for any spelling mistakes!)

New Evangelization

Linda A. mentioned that Dynamic Catholic is offering two free programs during Lent.  Sign up at their website. One is called “The Generosity Habit” and the other is “Difficult Teachings” (40 of the most challenging teachings of Jesus)

OCI and Catechists

Kelly reported that we have one person in OCI. She also reported that Deacon Paul’s Catholic 101 sessions are going very well.

No meeting in December.

The next meeting is Thursday, March 3, 2022 at 5:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.  Linda B. is the prayer leader and Mel is doing hospitality.

Submitted by Linda Adams