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September 22, 2020, Worship Commission Minutes

Worship Commission Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church,
Lake Ozark, MO Diocese of Jefferson City
Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Call to Order:

Annette Miller called the 6:35 PM  meeting to order with Msgr. Marion Makarewicz, Deacon Paul Poulter, Tony Kirn, Mary Scarlet, Mary Wagemann and Debbie Noland.

Opening Prayer:

  • Msgr. Mak opened the meeting with Prayer and Reflection.
  • How do we encourage younger people to attend Mass?
  • Engage peopled in Faith conversation.
  • Attendance in Church decreased by 40 percent from 2001.


  • No refreshments during virtual meeting.

Minutes of the Last Meeting:

  • The August 25, 2020 Minutes were approved.

Worship Committee Leadership: (Annette Miller)

  • Annette Miller led the Worship Committee meeting.
  • All Committee leaders will serve again next year.

Ministry of Art and Environment: (Kathy Cotter)

  • Fall festival display will be set up in October.

Ministry of Hospitality: (vacant)

  • Recruits and trains Ushers and Greeters.

Ministry of Reader: (Carolyn Lorraine)

  • Two individuals interested in becoming Lectors.

Ministry of Music and Song: (Steve Jannetti)                                                                                        

  • Received a Grant for $3K from Oregon Catholic Press. Osage Hills concert working with Vicki.
  • Stations of the Nativity Nov. 29 from 3-4 pm with scenes of the Nativity.
  • Pick songs for on line presentation to introduce new music.
  • Sept 30 Taize prayer.
  • Another piano has been donated.
  • Young man to play flute at Mass.

Ministry of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: (Mary Scarlett)

  • David Gregg new parishioner wants to be trained to be Eucharistic Minister and is joining the Social Concerns Commission.

Sacristan and Ministry of Mass Coordinator: (Tony Kirn, Annette Miller)

  • Tony will meet with Msgr. Mak regarding what Mass Coordinators can do during covid 19.
  • Dr. Heidi Callipo stated our procedures for celebrating Mass are good.
  • Diocese has protocol for informing parishioners if someone contracts covid 19 during Mass.

Rite of Initiation and the Sacraments: (Deacon Paul Poulter)

  • RCIA class started last week, students have picked up books and they meet once a month.
  • Two new students.

Prayer and Devotions: (Debbie Noland)

  •  Centering prayer workshop ends this week.
  • Oct 31st rosary coast to coast led by Msgr. Mak                                                                                                        

Altar Servers: (Zuzana Stipanitz, Paulette Spriggs)

  • New Altar Server training on Nov 13.
  • Training Servers to work on streaming the Mass.
  • Streaming Mass thru Facebook was bogged down this last Sunday.

Liturgical Formation of the Assembly: (Msgr. Makarewicz)

  • Thanks to everyone for help in Commission.  
  • Attending Mass not mandatory thru the first week of Advent.
  • Some parishioners are attending Churches that don’t require masks and social distancing.
  • TSI representative will work on permanent stream solutions.

Next meeting:

  • Next meeting is Tuesday, October 27, 2020.
  • Debbie Noland will be the prayer Leader.

Closing Prayer

  • Msgr. Mak closed the meeting with a prayer.

 Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.