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Musical: Did You Know?

The Glory to God in the Mass is the second item of the Ordinary. The Glory to God is also referred to as Greater Doxology.

When we sing the Glory to God, we hear the refrain. Often times the refrain is repeated following each verse. Usually, at Christmas and Easter, we repeat the refrain after each verse. At other time, especially during Ordinary Time of the church year, we only sing the refrain at the beginning and at the end. When we sing it this way, we are singing the text through-composed. Either was is acceptable and many versions of the Glory to God allow this to be done.

I mentioned above the word “Ordinary” . The term Ordinary as it pertains to Mass are the parts of the Mass were the texts remain the same no matter when they occur during the year. The other term which refers to the other parts of the Mass is called the “Proper’. Proper is used in 2 distinct ways.

The Proper of Saints includes the feasts in honor f a specific saint. ( St. Andrew ) The Proper of Time refer to the parts of the Mass which change ( meaning, in the time or life of the Lord ). These texts change.