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My message from God

I just came back from my second White House Retreat.  I enjoyed this one as much as the first one, and I’m already looking forward to going back next year.  I find this time a time to rejuvenate both spiritually and personally.

The grounds are beautiful.  The retreat center sits up on a bluff looking out on the Mississippi River.  They have beautiful flowers, well-maintained lawns and trails, numerous statues, seating sprinkled throughout; all of this just compliments the time spent reflecting and praying.  I also appreciate the spiritual director, who leads us through a process of prayer that includes meditating and contemplating on the Scriptures.  

The White House Retreats give me a mental tune-up.  I feel it strengthens my faith and deepens my relationship with God.  It slows me down to where I feel I can receive a message from God about what He wants me to go out and do.  It allows me time to set some goals, both spiritually and personally, to ponder and plan for doing more, even something outside of my comfort zone.  

I invite anyone that would like to know more to please contact me, Barb Steinman, at or 573-406-3885.  I would love to have you join me next year – September 9 – 12, 2021.  The earlier you decide the better as these retreats have a tendency to fill up fast and have a waiting list.