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My Silent Time

I spent a weekend learning about the book, “The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius,” at the White House Retreat Center in St. Louis. I have had that book for a long time, but I could never get through it.  It wasn’t hard reading, just difficult to comprehend what was going on. Fr. Anthony taught us how to do contemplation and meditation as St Ignatius discussed in the book. Fr. Anthony explained these things in a way I could understand. I love the St. Ignatius process of meditation, it is my new way now.

All the time we were able to spend in the chapel and outside was so peaceful to just pray, think, and listen to God, Mary, or whoever you wanted to talk to. You could just sit and stare at the beautiful statues.

I now know why the saints referred to their rooms as their cells!  Although small, they were very comfortable and they had everything we needed. Also enjoyed the company of the other ladies from our parish on the way up there and back.

I went there with some questions. After all of my prayers, contemplation, and mediation, I believe I have a better understanding of things. 

Thank you, God, for a blessed weekend!!!

To get more information on next year’s retreat, contact Barb Steinman at or 573-406-3885.

Linda Bukalski

2020 attendees: Linda Bukalski, Barb Steinman, and Linda Adams