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NET Ministry Retreat

 God is good. All the time.  All the time. God is good. It is special when our Catholic youth truly believe this.  One special group of young Catholics who make up a traveling team of evangelists were guests at our parish on Wednesday, February 12th. This small group of young adults (ages 18-28) arrived for the evening to present a series of skits, witness talks, games, musical performances, and prayer experiences to middle school PSR and high school Confirmation students.  Eldon’s youth from Sacred Heart joined our students for a few hours of fellowship, dinner, and a renewed appreciation for our amazing faith. 

The presenters are part of NET Ministries; NET meaning National Evangelization Teams, housed out of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN.  Catholic youth dedicate nine months, sometimes 18, to traveling the country with four missions in mind: Proclaiming the Gospel of Christ through a personal witness of faith, inviting young people to live for Christ, forming young people in Christian character through the study and practice of their faith, and equipping youth workers and young adults with the ministry skills needed for evangelization.  These NET members share a love of our Catholic faith they wish to extend to youth and their families in the parishes they visit. Their love of Christ, their enthusiasm for living the word, and their representation of a real and young practicing Catholic makes for a very unique Catholic experience. NET Teams are doing just what Pope Francis has reminded all of us about the youth in our parishes; that our young Catholics are not the church of tomorrow but the church of the present. God is good. All the time. Amen for our youth and every experience that draws them closer to God and reassures them of the pope’s message.