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Notes from Vicki 02/16/2020

Hello Dear Friends in Christ!  This week has been especially challenging for my family with a loved one going into hospice care If you haven’t dealt with the situation yet, you likely will at some point. Let’s talk real life here.

First, don’t be selfish and irresponsible by not having a durable medical power of attorney. Designate someone to handle your affairs when you aren’t able. Fortunately for us these were all in place for medical professionals to make their jobs much less complicated. Your wishes are made known to all, in writing. Please do not force family members with differing opinions to face off. Make that decision for yourself. They are in enough pain already.

Second, have your final rest arrangements made. Many options are available in terms of payment plans and locations. Even Family cemeteries may require pre-planning. Any mortuary/funeral home and/ or  personal financial planner can handle the paperwork. It’s not easy to plan your death but you’re going to be with your Eternal Father. That’s a wonderful trade you might as well get ready for!

Third, and also very important is that you have a current Will. Be as specific as you can, preferably with legal advice, and in writing and notarized.  Again, family feuds are more than likely to happen when an inheritance is in dispute. Possessions coveted by multiple folks cause just as much trouble. Plan ahead and designate who-gets-what.

If your estate goes to probate court, no matter your age, there may not be a lot left after fees and court costs; not to mention the months of waiting. You will need a lawyer or financial or family planner to make sure all these are done correctly and legally. It can be very complicated and doing it wrong is as bad as going through probate.

Another piece of advise for young folks: Don’t assume you are given tomorrow. Make all the arrangements now. If you have children, it is your obligation and parental duty to make sure they have a safe and loving home in your absence. You’re young…not bullet proof.

If you think this is morbid or premature, I’m only asking you to be responsible to the people you love. I’m dealing with this as I write and experience is the best teacher.

God has a plan for each of us because He loves us forever to the moon and back. Show your friends and family you love them the same way by pre-planning and do it this week.  You absolutely will feel a weight lifted that you weren’t even aware of.

Now I’ll go a step further. Our family situation was not foreseen, but I’m happily surprised to learn a percentage of her insurance policy was designated to her favorite charity. That money will be directly paid out of her estate, uncontested. You will have the opportunity to do the same here at Our Lady in the upcoming weeks.

As always, the Holy Spirit is guiding me to  be of service in my advice, and a planned percentage-gift of insurance or an estate will ensure Gods work can continue even after you’re gone. Make Msgr happy by assisting with our long term parish stewardship and pastoral plan. He might even share some of his amazing sourdough bread with you!  Blessings to everyone.