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November 24, 2020 Minutes, Worship Commission

Minutes, Worship Commission
Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Lake Ozark, MO.
Diocese of Jefferson City Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Call to Order:

Annette Miller called the 6:50 PM meeting to order with Msgr. Marion Makarewicz, Deacon Paul Poulter, Mary Scarlett, Kathy Cotter, Steve Jannetti, Mary Wagemann and Zuzana Stipanitz.

Opening Prayer:

Deacon Paul Poulter opened the meeting with Prayer and Reflection.

Commitment to Mission was read.


​No refreshments during virtual meeting.

Minutes of the Last Meeting:

​The October 27, 2020 Minutes were approved.

Worship Committee Leadership: (Annette Miller)

​Annette led the meeting.

Ministry of Art and Environment: (Kathy Cotter)

​Advent decorations will be simplified this year.

​Small Nativity will be used and set up on Gospel side

​Susan Ziegler is designing Christmas flowers this year.

​Fellowship hall has been reorganized.

​Church chairs are finished and ready to use.

​Altar to Our Lady of Guadalupe will be set up during nine days of Novena beginning December 3rd.

Ministry of Hospitality: (vacant)

Ministry of Reader: (Carolyn Lorraine)

​Unable to attend.

​Kathy Cotter will train three new Lectors.

Ministry of Music and Song: (Steve Jannetti)

Stations of Nativity with live stream.  Will project pictures and readings to make it more interesting for people at home.  Kelly will scan pictures and text and Steve will give to Msgr. Mak for review.

Mass on Christmas Eve will have thirty minutes of music before Mass.

Copy write license use songs that don’t cost us extra money. Doesn’t cover all songs in our Gather hymnal.

Ministry of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: (Mary Scarlett)

​David Gregg ready to be commissioned.

​Will contact Eucharistic Ministers to be recommissioned.

Sacristan and Ministry of Mass Coordinator: (Tony Kirn, Annette Miller)

​Annette has started to do purification process.

Rite of Initiation and the Sacraments: (Deacon Paul Poulter)

New Mom zoomed in to attend RCIA class from hospital.

Prayer and Devotions: (Debbie Noland)

​Unable to attend meeting.

​Continue to add people to prayer list.

​Hours of Adoration have changed to end at 1:00 on Fridays. No hours of Adoration the Friday after Thanksgiving.​​

Altar Servers: (Zuzana Stipanitz, Paulette Spriggs)

​Older children losing interest in being Altar Servers. Hopefully working on live stream will increase interest.

Liturgical Formation of the Assembly(Msgr. Makarewicz)

​Confession opportunity will be in bulletin for November and December.  

​Christmas Eve Mass at 3:00 pm, no midnight Mass, and Christmas Day Mass at 10:00.

​Our parish will not have a Penance Service this year.

​Bishop McKnight was considering lifting the dispensation at the time beginning the first Sunday of Advent.  

With the increase of Covid19 cases, he has decided to keep dispensation for people in good health over 65 who do not have to attend Mass in person but should watch the streamed Mass.

Next meeting:

Next meeting is January 26, 2021.

Annette Miller will be the prayer Leader.

Closing Prayer

Deacon Paul Poulter closed the meeting with Four Pillars of the Pastoral Plan prayer.

​Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm

Meeting notes respectfully submitted by Mary Scarlett.