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Options for Weekly Giving

As bookkeeper for Our Lady of theLake Catholic Church, I continue to be awed by the generosity of our parishioners and visitors. During this time of suspended liturgies and social distancing, some have asked what to do about their weekly contributions. I am pleased to say that we have a number of options available. 

First, the online option is available on our website: . At the very top of the page is a button that says “Donate Now.” Clicking on this will bring up our online giving page. You can create an account. You have options for contributing weekly or monthly. There are also options for the second collections that we have throughout the year as well as the Parish Charity Fund, flower donations, and other donations. You also have the option of setting this up as an automatic withdrawal from your bank account or charging your credit card.

For those who prefer not to use the online option, we have an automatic monthly draw option. I can provide a form for you to fill in your information, and Central Bank of the Lake of the Ozark will process a transfer from your account to ours on either the 5th or 20th of the month.

Finally there is always the option of simply mailing in your envelopes. 

If you have any questions about any of the options, do not hesitate to call me, Kelly, 573-365-2241.