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Our Lady of the Lake Administration Commission Meeting Minutes, Dec. 2, 2021

Our Lady of the Lake

Minutes of the Administration Commission Meeting

December 2, 2021

The November meeting was cancelled so there are no meeting minutes for November, 2021.

The meeting was opened with a prayer led by Bob Cotter. Other attendees included Charles Cassmeyer, John Riley, Brian Hamrin, Luke Graessle, Larry Buschjost, Tom Ziegler, and Robert Adams.  Father Medina was not able to attend and Eric Brauman and Laura Nelson were excused.

Minutes from the October, 2021 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Old Business:

1. Long Range Plan (LRP) Update:  Luke reported that he was able to talk to Brian Connell and Brian said he would get the requested drawings and cost estimates to us by Christmas.  We discussed that we would have a Long Range Planning meeting the first week of January.

2. Blacktop and Striping – The contractor who performs this work had some problems getting some sealer and has advised that the ambient and parking lot temperature have to be high to use this material and as such it will likely be next spring before the work can be done.  It was suggested that we should get another bid around February or March of next year.

3. Commission Membership Review:  Bob asked Larry if he desires to stay on the Commission for the next three years.  Larry stated he has been on the Commission for several years and he would like to rotate off of the Commission.  He said he will still help as needed if we request his help.

4. Update on Repairs in the Kitchen:  The work in the kitchen to repair some drywall damage is complete.

5. Window Cleaning at Church and Rectory:  This has been completed.

6. Report from John Riley – John reported that a couple of exit signs need to be repaired.

New Business:

1. Bob suggested that we form a committee to work on a plan to change the north parking lot entrance and parking spaces to allow cars to enter and exit that location.  He suggested the south exit remain an exit only. His idea would allow cars to enter the north lot, drive several hundred feet, turn left, then back toward the entrance/exit.  Cars would park in spots that would be painted to face toward the entrance/exit.  This proposal prompted discussion that included the following:

  • This may be confusing and may cause traffic problems and possibly even accidents with vehicles going in both directions when people drive into the lot.
  • This would need to be reviewed and designed by an Architect or Civil Engineer to make sure all of the spaces, drive widths and turn configurations are correct.
  • The city would need to approve a change like this because they were involved in our present entrance/exit configuration.
  • One person commented that the delays exiting the lot, especially in the summer, are due to traffic on Bagnall Dam Blvd which makes it difficult to leave the lot.  This person suggested that either a traffic light be installed that could be activated after Masses, or Police directing traffic are needed to assist getting cars out of the lot.
  • One person asked how long it takes to get the cars out of the lot and if it is 20 minutes maybe that is just what we have to deal with due to our location.
  • Larry suggested a meeting be arranged with the City Administrator, Public Works Director and Chief of Police to discuss the issue we are having and to see if they have suggestions to improve our ability to allow cars to safely exit the lot in a timelier manner.  Larry agreed to set up the meeting and he and Bob will meet with the city officials.

2. John mentioned that several windows in the office and kitchen area are sticking when opening and closing and Dave Miller had suggested that they be replaced with windows that don’t open.  Also, he mentioned some other issues that are due to age since windows and doors were installed in the early 1990’s.  Tom and Robert took the action to walk down the facilities and make a list of items that need to be repaired so we can plan to get this work done and for budgeting purposes.

The next meeting will be January 20, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

Larry closed the meeting with a prayer.

Submitted by Luke Graessle